Don't let love wait too long

The person you like may not stay with you, only the person who loves you will accompany you all his life. No one wants to change his mind on purpose. A person really loves you when he loves you, but he doesn't love you when he doesn't love you. When he loves you, he can't pretend not to love you; Similarly, when he no longer loves you, he really has no way to pretend to love you again.

I always think that we love someone very much and will love and wait all our life. Until the sea changes color, the sea withers and the rocks crumble. When everyone tells us not to be obsessed, he is not as good as you think, but we would rather believe the fairy tales we weave for ourselves than the words of people around us.

We always think that if we fall in love with someone, we must remain unchanged all our lives. We always think that we can wait until the fate of the world meets again. A thousand miles away, when the clouds are gone, when the two intersecting lines are staggered, we know that we are just a mystery.

We always think that we love someone so much that we will do anything for him. We love him in a gorgeous background until you turn around with a lonely face. Who doesn't love first, who leaves first. I always feel that the person who turns around first is the best. When we see the person we love most go away, we think it is a lifetime. In this lifetime, he is the only one. Except for him, none of us will love again.

The heart has become numb to feelings, and tears have been shed. What else is worth waiting for? Some things are not as fragile as they thought. Ask, can you really not live without him? Maybe that second will be, but ten days or a month, a year or more, when you suddenly wake up one day, you will say why you were so unable to let go.

In fact, we are not unable to let go. What we cannot let go is just a kind of mood, which is not reconciled. Why, when I still love you, you don't love first. Why, you loved me so much at the beginning, but now you have become so indifferent. When I ask these words in my heart, in fact, we no longer simply love this person, we just fall in love with our own unwilling. In essence, no one is willing to be inferior to others, and everyone hopes that everything is beautiful, which is incomparable.

When we fall in love with a person, we actually fall in love with a feeling that only he can give us. Don't love a person, just because the feeling is gone. It is useless to force yourself to stop loving.

If I ask you, what do you miss about the person you once loved? It must not be a pledge of eternal love. There are actually more small details to coax you, care for you, and love you

We will say that we are waiting for a person. In fact, we are not waiting for this person, but just in a mood. Those who are unwilling to be here suddenly say they will leave. If he comes back, will you still love him and tolerate him as always? Don't say yes so easily. Do you really do?

No one wants to change his mind on purpose. A person really loves you when he loves you, but he doesn't love you when he doesn't love you. When he loves you, he cannot pretend not to love you. Similarly, when he does not love you, he cannot pretend to love you

Therefore, why not choose to put it down, because we want to be happy ourselves. Love well when you can love. Don't let your love wait too long. Don't let your happiness wait too long.

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