A bunch of sunshine on the road

A bunch of sunshine on the road

Light twist a bunch of sunshine, slowly cut a period of time, woven into the future clothes.

In the morning, I always have no time to have breakfast, so my mother would complain and take out the hot milk in the microwave oven and put it into my hand like a prophet: "ah, look at our eldest lady, she's late again!" I was pushed out of the door by my mother with a "you know" smile. In the hands of warm milk, dense heat, in the winter, mixed with the sun flowing into my heart.

Time passed so fast in school that it was noon.

"I'm so hungry!" I lay on the dining room table and wanted to cry, "how can I forget to bring my meal card?" I cry in my heart. At this time, behind me came a voice that I could not be more familiar with. "It seems that someone did not bring a meal card or a meal! My family brought me dumplings. Let's eat them together Accompanied by it, there is a white, fat and warm dumpling. I suddenly looked up and found my deskmate, she said to me with a smile: "do you want to eat?" I nodded like a hamster begging for food Call me sister! " Sister She smiles with satisfaction and dials half a bowl of crescent shaped dumplings for me. The sunshine at noon shines on her through the glass, which is not dazzling. It warms her and me more gently.

The passage of time is always imperceptible. It's time for us to go home.

Farewell students, I walk alone on the way home, while walking, dance this favorite dance again and again, although wearing cheap dance shoes, but jubilant, used to buy milk candy with childhood familiar flavor in the roadside store of gentle grandmother, walking, to the familiar fork in the road, waiting for the red light there.

In fact, I often like to do things that I can't explain myself, so as to have a very short intersection with some strangers, or a look back, or a very simple conversation. Every time I feel excited, I even want to put on my cheap tap shoes and dance my favorite tap dance. Perhaps this is the so-called fate or have arrangements to meet a kind of profound "life code" it!

I stood in the front of the street, inadvertently turned around, and actually looked at a small child on the bus, a little boy with big eyes. Of course, I can see that he really wants the candy in my hand. Children's ideas are the best to guess“ Do you want it? " I raised the fudge and motioned to him. He was at a loss for a while, and then suddenly nodded, that lovely look is really beyond words to describe! I couldn't help laughing. I stepped on the stone pile beside the road and handed over the whole bag of milk candy. At this time, the green light went on. The bus started and drove towards the front. It's a pity that I didn't see his surprise. But I can imagine that he should be telling his mother about the "unexpected joy" he just got? Looking at the far away bus, just like I did a wonderful thing! Put on dance shoes and dance beautifully!

I look to the setting sun, he gives all things plating light, as beautiful as a dream.

Go home.

I always have an idea: pour out the sunshine from the bottom of my heart, line them up, and I will tie them with beauty, just like the moving rose. I hold them, hold them, and walk on the way in the future, just like the dance shoes in my shoe cabinet, cheap tap dance shoes, cheap ballroom dance shoes, cheap jazz dance shoes, Cheap ballet shoes, these are the dance shoes that keep me looking forward to the future.

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