a burst of music came from a wheelchair

In the courtyard of the community, just getting ready to get off, a burst of music came from a wheelchair.

There is a woman in a wheelchair. She is sitting in a simple wheelchair. The music is very light music from her mobile phone.

Her wheelchair is close to the east side of a car. It should be to block the still hot sun in the afternoon. This angle is just diagonally opposite to my position. Out of curiosity, I didn't get out of the car and looked at her quietly.

At the age of 40, she wore a pair of black sneakers, and her eyes slowly shifted to the blue pair of sneakers.

Her hair was casually placed on her head and the whole person looked clean and tidy. The bridge of the nose is very tall. She is a Kazakh woman.

I gently closed the door, went home, took something out, and walked briskly in the direction of the car. I could feel her eyes looking over, and my footsteps suddenly became heavy. Do I think this situation would be a kind of torture for her?

I was like a child who had done something wrong. I hid in the car and looked at her. She had already taken back her eyes and lowered her head. Her profile was beautiful. She looked taller and taller. Her skin was also very good. She was white and pink. She was a beauty.

I don't know when the mobile music has stopped. I'm in the car and she's in the wheelchair under the car. Both of us are lost in thought.

I soon woke up and drove away.

When I came back from work, I looked at the place where she had just been. She had disappeared.

Who's this? What's wrong with her? Who helped her up and down the stairs? I've never seen her before. What did she do during this short ventilation period? What are you thinking?

A series of questions followed, but they were unknown.

She was a public security policeman. One day, when she passed a cliff, she saw the trapped herdsman. Regardless of the danger, she rescued the herdsman by strength. But she fell off the cliff and paralyzed her legs.

She is an ordinary cadre. On her way to the countryside to help the poor, she unfortunately encountered a car accident due to the slippery road in the dark. She turned over the subgrade and her partner in the same car was killed and injured. Although she was lucky to save her life, she will never stand up.

She was born disabled, her legs and feet were useless, and she had never enjoyed the feeling of her feet on the ground.

She has a husband and children, and her parents are still alive. They accompany her with affection and let her live a clean and refreshing life.

Looking at the deserted open space, countless stories flashed through my mind.

She is listening to music, which is a kind of cheerful rhythm. With music, she should not be too lonely. Music is a good medicine to heal the soul, take her to fly, surpass the shackles of pain and realize the balance of body and mind.

Her expression is calm, there is no depression and heaviness on her face, it is sunny and clear. Has she accepted the unchangeable facts, relieved her suffering, and drove away the emotional haze with optimism and openness.

Or maybe she was only temporarily injured. During the convalescence period, she knew she would get better, step on the solid land and run like me.

These guesses and questions may be confirmed or interpreted by a neighbor tomorrow. Maybe she will never be seen again as if she had never appeared. Just remind me in this way that living is good and health will be better.

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