A Cup of Wine

During the slack season, Yaozu went out to do sideline work, sometimes sifting sand, sometimes burning kilns, and sometimes selling meat in the town and cheap dance shoes ... No matter what business he did, he worked hard and was able to bear hardships without fear of losses. Therefore, the economic conditions of his family soon ranked among the best in Peng's yard. The matchmaker broke the threshold and finally married Shenyang in caoshuping. After they got married, they separated and set up their own doors. They built a new tile roofed house and opened a canteen. In order to get rich early, the couple discussed and decided: Shenyang runs a canteen at home and manages the contracted land; Yaozu went to Pingyikou, an important traffic road and cheap tap dance shoes , and opened a canteen to do business. Since the farmland was decentralized - the collective land was contracted to farmers, every family began to save surplus grain. After three years of natural disasters, the old people filled the grain cabinet, and the surplus rice was put into the coffin for emergencies. People dress better thanks to the policy of allowing farmers to engage in sideline work and ccheap tap shoes , which was absolutely not allowed in the past. Some sell sand by the river, some make money by burning lime in kilns, and some make money by buying tractors for transportation. There are more canteens and meat businesses. Oil mills are listed and small wineries are opened... Farmers' pockets are gradually bulging. Some even open accounts in banks to save money, although they don't have much money. The sign of Yaozu canteen was soon hung on the wall. As soon as his business started, he quickly entrusted a loan of 1000 yuan to Pingyikou Credit Union. With capital, he has more confidence in doing business. He treats every guest kindly, even if others only buy a box of matches for two cents; He was kind to everyone who passed by, took a stool to rest his feet, loaded cigarettes and screened tea; He treated everyone who asked for directions kindly, took no trouble and smiled. Business and cheap ballroom dance shoes is booming in January. Opportunities always favor people who are prepared like Yaozu. As the population here is concentrated and extends in all directions, the business of Yaozu canteen is better every year. He earned 5000 yuan in the first year and 10000 yuan in the second year. Small business, as long as there are many repeat customers and large sales, can also make a lot of money. In the sales process, Yao discovered that locals love to play bulk Baijiu, especially when they celebrate holidays. Yaozu also likes drinking, but he has a rule: outside breakfast, one glass for each meal - three Liang. It was the noon of the Double Ninth Festival. Yaozu left Lao Yang with wine for lunch. The fragrant wax hoof is stewed on the honeycomb briquette stove. It tastes spicy. It tastes a little big, and the aroma floats on the road. Uncle Wang just passed by, put his head in and said, "Yaozu, what hot pot? It smells good!" "La hoof hot pot. Uncle Wang, come in and have a drink and cheap dance shoes ." Yaozu put down his glass and waved quickly because he was drinking wine for Lao Yang. "Thank you! I'm not as lucky as you. Take your time to eat, drink and play tomorrow." Lao Yang looked back at the speaker. There was no figure on the door. Yaozu said to Lao Yang, "Uncle Wang is more than 80 years old. He has a clear ear and eyes. He is full of breath. When he goes uphill, his legs are not sour and he is out of breath. I wonder if we can live to his age." "Now the conditions are getting better and better, and you will certainly surpass him. Yaozu, thank you for your hospitality. Come and have a drink!" "Thank Lao Yang for his kind words. OK, please!" As the saying goes, "one person doesn't drink, two people don't gamble." it's Yaozu's happiest thing to have guests drinking with him. When he drank less than half of the wine, Yaozu quietly told Lao Yang about a wish he had thought about many times, but never said it. As soon as Lao Yang heard this, he said without reservation and dance shoes , "just open a winery and invite a master." "Can a layman manage an expert?" Yaozu asked puzzled. "When you are the boss and he works for you, do you have to listen to you? If you want to master the skill of cooking wine, ask your son to follow suit and you can't learn it. At that time, the master's departure and stay will depend on the business situation. Do you understand what I said?" "Listening to you is better than reading for ten years. At that time, I will never forget you, Lao Yang." Yaozu has long wanted to open a winery to make money, but he can't cook wine himself. He wanted to study arts, but the canteen couldn't be run again. Today, I was enlightened by Lao Yang's advice. Yaozu soon hung up the brand of the winery, the first in the village, mainly producing Baogu wine and tap dance shoes . It turns out that there is an old winery here, which produces Baogu wine. When there is a shortage of corn, it uses sweet potato as raw material to produce sweet potato dry wine. It is run by supply and marketing cooperatives. Almost no one has come since it was stopped three years ago. Yaozu distillery is next to it. Water, electricity and roads are unobstructed. It is a warehouse that the original collective has long been idle, and the rent is not expensive. Lucky people, everything goes well. In order to develop better, during the preparation period of the winery, Yaozu transferred his family's farmland to his relatives for planting and harvesting. The whole family went to Pingyikou to do business. Shenyang operated a canteen, and Yaozu was in charge of the winery. Son Shengchang didn't get into high school, but yaozutuo people put his son into the ordinary class of high school. Sheng Chang doesn't like reading. It's the kind of work his parents can't do. He didn't know how he spent high school. He took his diploma home and just in time to open a winery at home. As soon as Yaozu said about learning skills and cheap tap dance shoes , he promised. The master is a thin old man. He worked in the old winery before retirement. He is very easygoing and likes to make some small jokes. He gets along well with Shengchang. Yaozu distillery soon brewed wine. In the first month, 150 Jin of 40 ℃ wine was produced every day from the day of wine production; In the second month, 150 Jin of wine at 45 degrees a day; In the third month, 150 Jin of wine at 52 degrees a day. The wine is getting better and better and sells well. Yaozu did have a way of doing business. In the first three months, he achieved the expected goal and had a good reputation. His second step was to increase production. In fact, the method of increasing production is very simple, because it has reached 52 degrees in the third month. As long as the time of putting wine is prolonged, it will naturally exceed 150 kg. The so-called increase in production is actually to reduce the degree of wine. 40 degrees in the fourth month, 45 degrees in the fifth month, and 52 degrees in the sixth month. At that time, the selling prices of the three degrees were the same. Therefore, while increasing production, Yaozu also considered the factors of attracting customers. Production increased and made more money. His reputation was still good. Yaozu often fell asleep and woke up with a smile. In order to operate effectively, Yaozu divided the wine into two levels - 45 degrees and 52 degrees, and sold it at two prices. Wine can also be exchanged. You can exchange 4 kg of corn for 1 kg of 52 degree wine and 3 kg of corn for 1 kg of 45 degree wine. Normal exchange, there is a profit, sometimes play a ghost, more profit. For example, some people exchange corn for wine and cheap tap shoes . They want to exchange 52 degrees. If you give him 45 degrees, you will earn more corn. Accumulated over a year, it is also a lot of income. As the saying goes - no business without fraud. Yaozu became rich and powerful in all aspects of making money. Wine and meat pierced his intestines and his stomach straightened up, giving people the feeling of being fat and lucky in middle age. No matter who saw him, he changed his mouth - boss Peng. Everything is changing, but what hasn't changed is the rules of every drink at his meal. Fat, to thank a glass of wine; Lucky, thank you for a glass of wine; I changed my mouth. Thank you for a glass of wine. It can be said that a glass of wine changed his fate. All over the country know that Yaozu has made a lot of money, and he is indeed making a lot of money: he raises more than 100 pigs for sale every year, the wine demand of the winery exceeds the supply, the grocery store expands its concurrent business of small commodity wholesale, and buys two cars, Futian double row seats and domestic pickup trucks. Yao became the richest man in the region. He never forgot to repay society. He gave donations to the village and tap shoes on June 1 children's day, and was sometimes invited by the president's invitation. With a big reputation, the entertainment expenses naturally become more: Industrial and commercial and tax personnel should receive, and those from the village committee and the government should receive. Sometimes the guests entertained in the village do not meet the expenditure regulations, he takes the initiative to share his worries and bring the guests to his own home for entertainment. Yaozu's behavior naturally makes him exquisite. With the strong assistance of the village committee, he built a three story bungalow at Qiaotou, and the canteen moved to his own home. Shengchang is stupid at reading, but he can learn how to cook wine and drive well. The master quit his job and went home. Sheng Chang drove him back. On the way, the master told Sheng Chang a way to mix wine and a secret, and told him not to tell anyone. Under the influence of his father, Sheng Chang developed a constant habit of drinking a glass of wine every night. That year, the price of corn and tap dance shoes increased, the price of wine increased and the sales volume decreased. It's nothing. The most annoying thing is swine fever. If the winery doesn't raise pigs, it will earn a lot less. Therefore, many wineries stop. Yaozu didn't follow suit and continued to produce, but he didn't raise pigs. Half a year later, with a loss, Yaozu was restless. Sheng Chang suddenly remembered his master's words and told him quietly. After hearing this, Yaozu said, "it's really simple, but where does alcohol exist?" Sheng Chang told Yaozu, "it's far away and near." Once, Sheng Chang quietly turned the window into the warehouse and cheap tap dancing shoes of the old winery and found several large cans of alcohol. In the era of food shortage, the wine of the winery was mixed with alcohol. Sheng Chang told Yaozu that there were about 20 tons of alcohol. "Do you really have that ability?" "As long as you get it, don't worry about anything else." After the activity, Yaozu found the steward and soon finished it. The alcohol didn't pay a penny, but paid for the house. It turned out that the managers of the supply and marketing cooperatives had changed one after another. The distillery had long been scrapped and was about to transfer it to the village committee. When Yaozu asked, he just got rid of this burden and signed a sales agreement immediately. Yaozu bought it cheaply and earned dozens of tons of alcohol and tap shoes without knowing it. Since then, the chimney of Yaozu distillery occasionally smokes, giving the impression that people are still cooking wine. All the wine sold is mixed with alcohol. Sold it for several years and made a lot of money. One day, Yaozu was not feeling well and went to the county hospital for examination. The doctor said there was a liver problem and suggested going to the city hospital for a thorough examination and cheap tap shoes . The next day, Shengchang accompanied him to the municipal hospital for an investigation - advanced liver cancer. He also found out that there was something wrong with the liver. Yaozu regretted that every cup of wine hurt him, especially selling fake wine in recent years. A few months later, Yaozu died. After burying Yaozu, Shengchang drove back from the cemetery and hit a big tree and died on the spot. Soon, Shenyang went crazy.

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