A day as a teaching assistant

Maybe I'm used to the life of going to the countryside and familiar with everything here. Unconsciously, today is the sixth day of going to the countryside. From not being used to it at the beginning to knowing it well now, time is really magic, which makes each of us become another self unconsciously

I always wake up in your laughter and alarm every morning. I feel that you are like a punctual alarm clock, and it can't be pressed. But we never thought of complaining about you, but a sense of happiness arises spontaneously.

This morning, I became the teaching assistant of the third grade culture class. When I heard that it was the third grade, I silently thought to myself that the third grade was the most famous class. They would feel bored in the usual dance class. The culture class must be abandoned. Not surprisingly, as soon as I entered the third grade, the students were howling that they didn't want to be bored. In fact, I could also experience that the culture class of the first semester was really boring, However, I tried my best to meet their needs, so we said we would play songs to them after class. This class is about western Christmas. The bishop began to introduce it from the origin of the festival. The children who originally looked reluctant listened with interest, and also asked what our Nian beast was. I remember a girl who was super cute and had always been obsessed with Nian beast. From the beginning, she asked what the Nian beast was. It seemed that she thought for a while, less than a minute, Then he asked me, "Teacher Lin, where did Nian beast go after it was driven away? Where does it live? What does it eat? Will it die?..." you will really be confused by their questions one by one. Children like to have all kinds of novel questions in their heads, and they are guaranteed to surprise you.

The most active link is to send some photos about the Spring Festival in the north. They all rush to exchange the photos in each other's hands. The most impressive thing is that the children will spontaneously salivate when they see the photos of eating. Some children also pick up the photos to eat, and other children say they are eating goods. Seeing this scene, I really feel that they are so cute and naive!

I want to say to you that you are really cute. It is because of your high decibel voice that we are very tired in the dormitory, but as soon as we arrive in the classroom, we feel as energetic as a chicken; It is because of your lovely faces that we don't feel tired in class. Thank you!

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