A failed attempt

A failed attempt

On Thursday afternoon, the sun was scorching. The dog was so hot that he lay on the ground and stuck out his tongue. The trees in the park drooped their heads and drooped. The surface temperature is more than 40 degrees by visual observation, which should be the legendary weather that an egg can become a poached egg.

On such a hot day, I can't get out of the house and I can't do anything. The elder brother suggested, "why don't we make popsicles?" It's a good idea. It's not only fun, but also relieving the heat. My second brother and I agreed immediately. We divided the work, and then we took action one after another. We watched TV while we were doing it. There was a dance show on TV. A good dancer was dancing in cheap dance shoes.

First of all, we need to prepare the necessary tools and materials. First, I took out half of the Hami melon, removed the seeds, and then cut it into 4 squares the size of a field. The melon just taken out of the refrigerator is cool and comfortable to touch. Melon yellow, all open, floating out a sweet taste. I used my hand to take out the flesh of the melon, which was sticky. After a few pinches, the seeds came out from the middle of the flesh, and the aroma became stronger. I lowered my head and took a deep breath of the fragrance. I felt comforted in my heart. Well, it's just you! I cut the melon horizontally and vertically, and then I went to see the elder brother and the second brother work.

My elder brother's task is to clean the juicer. I kindly said to my elder brother, "when you wash the cup cover, you should pay attention to safety, because there is a sharp knife in the cup cover, so be careful to stab your hand." Big brother looked at me and gave me a thumbs up. Second brother is to take out milk from the refrigerator and pour it into the cup.

Now that we have finished our tasks, we can begin to extract juice. My second brother and I worked together to put the prepared Hami melon and milk into the juicer, and my elder brother turned on the juicer. The juicer is buzzing. The sound is light and sweet. I thought: with such wonderful raw materials, the popsicle should be delicious! Think, saliva almost out. The three of us surrounded the juicer and waited patiently. After about 30 seconds, the juice was squeezed. Open the lid of the juicer, Hami melon aroma reveals the sweet taste of milk, juice golden thick, a look is good taste.

We put the milk into the popsicle mold, and then put it in the refrigerator, freezing for 6 hours.

In the evening, it's time for the popsicles to come out. We divided one by ourselves. The color is a little lighter than the juice. It looks hard. Ah, my popsicle. Let me have a good taste.

I took a bite carefully, a bit hard, a feeling of ice. The smell seems to be gone, and the sweetness is gone. It feels like eating ice made of boiling water, and there is no taste. At this time, the dance of the dancers wearing cheap tap dancing shoes also ended!

The elder brother sighed and said, "it's still easy to dance! Wearing cheap dance shoes on the dance stage, dancing is much easier than that! " We all burst out laughing!

The popsicle we made failed this time! But also learned a lot, hands-on ability is also enhanced, next time, we may make a better popsicle!!!!!!!!!!!

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