A friend is a lifelong concern

A friend is like a cup of tea, which is clear, but the longer it lasts, the more fragrant it becomes; A friend is like a light wine, light, but the longer it is, the more mellow it is; A friend is like a poem, gently, but the longer it lasts, the more charming it becomes.

Friend is a beautiful name in my heart. Friend is a deep memory in my life. I was lucky to make four close friends in my life. The first is my playmate when I was a child. We grew up together. We can be said to be childhood sweethearts and sisters. We are often inseparable. We are jokingly called Golden Boys and girls by an uncle in the village At that time, I knew what is missing at a young age. If one can't accompany him to school because of something, the other will feel strange and boring. We stood in the field together and watched the lightning change into thousands of postures. We fought with male classmates and beat others with marbles. Once, we walked through a terrible place in the dark with our arms in arms. I realized for the first time that courage can be really transmitted between our bodies. Now, although she works outside and I teach at home, the distance is far away, but my heart still feels close.

The second is my confidant from junior high school. I don't make many friends, but if I work hard, I make friends and confidants. She is also a civilian born, without any tenderness and affectation, very plain, like me, so I like to be with her very much. I feel very comfortable with her. I still remember her famous saying: the pickled radish is very delicious Really, there are no dishes. The rice is very delicious. Unfortunately, she has been married far away in a corner of Hainan, and the telephone has lost contact due to her age. There was always a wish in my heart: one day I made a special trip to find her father and ask for her number.

The third friend is the girl who has been silently with me when I was in normal school. She only stayed with me silently, didn't give me too much interference, and didn't even make too close with me. Even now, she just pays attention to me silently. Even if she doesn't contact me all year round, I think it's so kind.

Fourth, there are a lot of things to say. I doubt whether her friendship has the element of love. I get the most happiness from her, but I often worry about gain and loss. When I just graduated from secondary normal school, I missed her as much as an ordinary lover. I think she is so beautiful, so light, so soft, just like a graceful fairy, who is often moved by seeing the same figure as her. In my mind, she is a small encyclopedia, a mobile library. She knows everything. It seems that nothing is really rare for her. And most unfortunately, it seems that anything bad will fall on her. So she won't be able to really be pregnant in a few days. Or all the bad things, just because she can't let go. She has such a personality and often contains Lin Daiyu's sadness. It is precisely this sadness that forms a beauty unmatched by others.

Really, this fourth friend gives me the feeling of beauty. There is not only the beauty of appearance, but also the beauty of human feelings. She is so gentle and delicate to people. Don't say that she speaks to you gently, or that she holds your hand gently. Just say that when you visit her house, she ironed a toothbrush for you and washed a towel for you, which makes you moved. She also has a very tender concern, that is, she will always call you soon after you get on the bus and gently ask if you are home. The first time I was because she sent me and asked me to call her when I arrived, which moved me for several weeks, or remembered for a lifetime.

I remember that it was a day not long after graduation. My friend and I went to a classmate's house in the city. We learned to play mahjong and laughed together. I turned a allegory of mahjong into a bump, which attracted a lot of laughter from them. After playing for a long time, it was late at night. I had to stay at another classmate's house. My friend sent me out and stopped me under the dim street light. After I got on the bus, she said softly: call me when you arrive Oh, why have I been so concerned? Even my mother has never cared about me like this. Of course, my mother may not say hello even if she has no phone to call. This is the first time that someone is so deeply concerned about me and my safety. It is also from this time on that I am used to reporting peace with my relatives and friends. These subtle tenderness and concern of friends deeply moved and influenced me.

Another time she came to my house, I couldn't do anything pleasant with her because of my daughter. She seems to be addicted to the TV series "you are my favorite", so when my daughter goes to bed, I also sit behind her and watch TV, thinking it's better to get close.

TV is searched out from the computer. It's only one step away from us. She sat on the stool and I leaned behind her and sat on the edge of the bed. She leaned over to me. I stretched out my hands to hold her shoulders and touched her cheeks. This touch is enough to move each other. Who else has such intimacy except the family?

When my daughter woke up, I sat next to her with my daughter in my arms. She teased my daughter, kissed my daughter, and kissed me a few times. This kiss moved me inexplicably. People in the East are ashamed of physical expression. Without full love, she will not have this expression. I will remember this brave intimacy all my life.

Friends are the memory of my life. My four friends are more or less separated by a certain distance, but they all live in my shortest spiritual space, which can't be bought with thousands of gold and silver.

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