A friend is hard to find

A friend is hard to find.

In the world of mortals, it is an opportunity for all living beings to meet at the same time and space. If they can know each other and share the same interests, they will be friends.

Life cannot be without friends. Confucius said that one is better than oneself without friends, so it's a pleasure to have friends from afar. In the journey of life, friends are like the sunshine of life, shining on us and warming us. When we are full of fatigue, the love of friends is like the tender moonlight, which gives us sweet comfort and strong survival; When we face failure, the encouragement of our friends gives us the confidence to fight and the strength to go up; When we cheered our success, the blessings of our friends gave us sincere joy and driving force to move forward. From ancient times to the present, there are many good stories about friendship: Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi, Ji Kang and Ruan Ji, Li Bai and Du Fu, Lu Xun and Qu Qiubai, and so on. What is particularly commendable is the friend between Guan and Bao. For thousands of years, when it comes to the friendship of bosom friends, it must be said: Guan and Bao.

In the spring and Autumn period, there were two people in the state of Qi. One was Guan Zhong, whose name was Yiwu; One is uncle Bao, with the word xuanzi. When they were young, they made friends with poverty and lowliness. Later, Bao Shuxian had a good reputation under Duke Huan of Qi, so he recommended Guan Zhong as the prime minister and was on his own. The two people are consistent in helping the government. Guan Zhong once said in a few words: I taste three wars and Three Norths. Uncle Bao is not afraid of me. He knows that I have an old mother; I taste three officials and see three pursuits. Uncle Bao doesn't regard me as unworthy; Know when I don't meet; I feel that uncle Bao and I are good friends. Uncle Bao doesn't regard me as greedy and knows that I am poor. The parents who gave birth to me, uncle Bao who knows me! Every time I recite this paragraph, I can't help feeling, not only for their rare friendship, but also for Guan Zhong's cherish of this friendship, but also for the declining trend of today's way of making friends.

The ancients made friends only by heart, while today people make friends only by face. When Chen Jiru, a Ming Dynasty man, talked about the way of making friends in the story of the seclusion of a small window, he said that it is also the way of making friends. Nowadays, some people are more casual in making friends in society than taking a taxi. Or if you haven't talked all your life for an instant and don't know the bottom, you will be regarded as a close friend or an acquaintance in the business field of the Song Shop lounge. When you nod and hand over a cigarette and wine cup, you will get together for a sworn friend or a journey. At first, you feel the same spirit and taste. With a moment of pleasure, you can be regarded as a life and death friend who doesn't change his head. As the ancients said, such a friend is a combination of words, a cup of wine and a new love. Life and death are light. Wine and cold alliance are also cold. In our current words, a friend of wine and meat can not stand the evaporation of time, let alone the distillation of time. It is absolutely difficult to last long.

There is a kind of friend, which is based on mutual use. Ouyang Xiu said in the theory of friends that those who are good at making money and those who are greedy also have money and goods. When they share the same interests, those who temporarily attract the party as friends are hypocritical. In reality, after such use, they break up and give up if they can't squeeze out oil. Just now, they have become friends into a lump of mud. They can't tell each other. They turn their backs and become fake friends who don't know the language of crows and sparrows.

Maybe you often eat, drink and have fun together. It seems that you are very congenial. Sometimes he does something for you, and you also do something for him. In fact, everyone has a small 99 in mind. Sometimes the voice of calculating human accounts can be heard. Is such a friend a friend?

Maybe you are an official. He takes your choice as his choice and your likes and dislikes as his likes and dislikes. Look at your face. In order to win your favor, you should lower your eyebrows and bow down all day, guess your mind, open your eyes and ears, try to find out your hobbies, hobbies, temper and taste, and then aim at what you like: if you love to ride the clouds, send your children to greater China, send them to school, and send them red envelopes to congratulate you; When your birthday comes, be busy before you run and filial to your son after you run; You can draw calligraphy and painting with your brush, and hang it in the treasure ink hall. You think he is good enough to be a friend, but behind that smile is full of false inflexibility. Is such a friend a friend? If you think so, he is also a friend of your official position.

Maybe you are all officials and call each other old friends. You transferred his sister-in-law to your one-third of an acre for free meals. He took your brother-in-law under his command as a staff officer. After meeting or calling to thank each other, maybe you two are calculating who is more cost-effective. Is such a friend a friend?

In life, people are eager for emotional exchanges and close friends, but making friends is not an easy thing. If you choose properly, you can benefit a lot. If you don't make friends properly, the harm is not light. If you make friends with honest people, your soul can also be purified. The words and deeds of friends affect each other, and the quality will be noble; If you make friends with evil people, you will follow the wind and expel the smell, collude with others, and be despised by people. As the saying goes, he who is close to Zhu is red, and he who is close to ink is black. To make friends, we should make good friends. Who is a good friend? Those who are willing to regulate my mistakes are also. Su Jun, a writer in the Ming Dynasty, divided friends into four types: moral integrity, fault discipline and fear of friends; We can share our priorities, we can trust death and life, and we can have close friends; Sweet words, such as Yi, game competition, intimate friends; Harmony makes each other bustle, suffering makes each other incline, and thieves make friends. It is insightful of him to regard morality as the mainstay and negligence as the highest level of making friends. People can't never make mistakes and have to do things against morality. At this time, the people who can come out to challenge and correct you, criticize you and even blush with you are your beneficial friends and true friends.

A philosopher said: a good friend is a mountain, a school of dignity; A good friend is water, a pulse of wisdom; A good friend is soil, and love is continuous. Yes, when we look for dignity, wisdom and love, we will meet good friends who can stand back, stand side by side, share honor, disgrace and adversity.

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