A gift to mother-the Tap Dance Shoes

A gift to mother-the Tap Dance Shoes

Today is the second Sunday in May - mother's day.

Every year, I buy my mother cards or flowers and other things. My mother is very happy for the first time. The second time, my mother also praised me as a sensible child. It is not new to buy these things again on Mother's day. What gifts do I give my mother this time?

I had a brain racking image, finally squeezed from my head, bought a beautiful pair of dancing shoes for my mother. Mother loves dance. She is very good at all kinds of dance. She is good at tap dance, jazz dance, ballet dance, Latin dance. Yesterday, I ran to the mall with my $150 change. There are many kinds of dancing shoes there, and I am dazzled by the variety of the counters. There are tramp shoes, ballet dance shoes, jazz dance shoes, Latin dance shoes, etc. I look at the price, which frightens me. It is hundreds of thousands of dollars. I can't afford such expensive dance shoes. I can't afford to do it. I can't frown for a while. Suddenly I saw a dance shoe on the aisle, which is not very expensive. I picked a very bright tap dance shoes. I looked and looked, and I couldn't help but paid 120 dollars, and I added ten dollars to give the laces and Necklace.

Back home, my mother was sleeping, and I didn't realize that I came back, I crept to my mom and dad's bedroom, secretly tucked dancing shoes into my mother's shoe cabinet, and carefully came to her side, and carefully put flowers on to her side, afraid to wake up her. Then I came outside, coughing two times deliberately, my mother seemed to wake up, and her mother said, "Xi Xi you come back, to see what happened to my neck, just when I went to bed suddenly a cold, now it is a little warm." I laughed and said, "look at it yourself." Mother looked down at a necklace around her neck and said, "you naughty bag, you secretly wear it for me. How much did it cost? " "And the same, add up to 130 dollars." I said it and took out the dancing shoes and gave them to my mother. Mother said: "my daughter grew up and I was sensible. You gave them to my mother. Mom was really happy. But my father and mother made money very hard. I want you to make gifts by yourself later. OK?" "OK, I'll give you a gift by myself next time, and it's both money saving and meaningful," I said My mother watched my tears coming out.

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