A lifetime of company

A lifetime of company

Some people like the evergreen pine trees in the garden, some people like the different shapes of pine trees in the flowerpots, but I like the tall and straight young pine trees on the Nanshan Mountain. With your company, I am inspired and courageous.

Like all ordinary pine trees, you were once a humble seed. Ordinary pine trees stop in Pingchuan, with fertile soil, warm climate, sufficient water and nutrition, and even people's careful care, but you are wandering in the wind, floating on the cliff, inadvertently, fell in the crevice of the cliff, where there is no fertile soil, only the hard stone wall; There is no warm climate, only the chilling ice. You take root and sprout in this harsh environment, absorb nutrition from the cracks in the rock, catch water in the rich wind and rain, and grow difficultly.

Although the growth environment of pine is very superior, although the general environment is good, it does not determine the speed. However, the innate survival ability and survival will have been slowly worn away, losing the basic ability to fight with difficulties. Your growth environment is extremely cruel, cold wind's thousand cuts, snow's crazy pressure, everything, all attempts to hold your life's throat. But you didn't bend down and give in, you worked hard. In the struggle time after time, he refined his tenacious will and vigorous ability to live. He grew tall and straight, and was used by people to wish the old man a better life than the old pine in Nanshan. How glorious you are, you finally reached the peak of success, and let the ordinary pine bend down for you.

The poor growth environment of Pinus thunbergii in Nanshan is amazing, and its indomitable spirit is moving. When the spirit of Qingsong stirred my heart, I secretly decided to be like Qingsong, not afraid of the difficulties and setbacks on the road of life, strengthen the will, increase ability, in the face of difficulties, the courage to face, the courage to overcome, the more frustrated the more brave, do not lose confidence and courage.

Long road of life, as long as I have you Qingsong company, learn to carry forward your kind of spirit of fearing setbacks and forging ahead, I will create a brilliant tomorrow.

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