A little girl who loves fashion

A little girl who loves fashion

Mary's family is rich, and she can buy anything she wants, but she can't get real happiness.

Is it because I didn't find the silent baby?

Ha ha, no, it's because

Mary is a little girl who likes fashion. She always pesters her mother to buy it:

"I want that hat. It will be very beautiful with my new shoes!"

"I want those dancing shoes, which will make me look beautiful on the stage!"

"I want that dance dress, it will make me shine on the dance stage!"

"My sandals are out of date. If I go to school, those girls will laugh off their teeth!"

"I want a new skirt, a new shirt and a new coat!"

"I want a new set of sportswear to match my new racket!"

"I want a new bag, the one on TV ads!"

Her mother was very proud of Mary's behavior. Why? Because Mary's mother is a fashion man and a super shopper! If she has enough money, she will surely travel around the shopping malls and fashion shops in 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Mary is just a miniature replicator of her mother, and she can babble out a series of brand names while still in the cradle. So Mary's home was full of new purchases, many of the boxes were not opened so that they didn't know what they had bought.

Mary was tired that day, because she had just returned from purchasing, ran one shopping mall after another, and brought back a car. She lay in bed and wanted to wait for her strength to recover before she could buy something.

But she was too tired to yawn and close her eyes and fell asleep. But she didn't sleep long and was awakened by a stir and silence. She opened her eyes and saw a monster in surprise. The monster roared at Mary. But Mary was not afraid at all, and looked at it very carefully, and saw her feet from scratch, and finally smiled scornfully.

"Eh?" the monster asked puzzled, "why don't you fear at all?"

"Have you looked in the mirror?" Mary said, "your image has been out of date! Your tail is not fashionable at all, your corner is too ugly, and you are all in a warehouse to handle goods!"

The monster was dazzled and didn't know what to say. It did not expect that its prey neither screamed nor ran away in a hurry, but looked at himself so calmly, and even judged himself. It's a little bit out of the habit because it likes to watch the prey hysterical and pissed.

At this time, Mary turned on the light, and she wanted the monster to look in the mirror. She dared to come out and see people in this dirt appearance!

The monster looks at himself in the mirror - hair is fluffy, wrinkled and rough

"Why not buy cosmetics? They can improve skin color, whiten skin, shrink pores, and make your skin smooth, delicate and elastic!" Mary blurted out without thinking.

"But my nails were broken, my teeth were yellow, my hair dried up!" the monster howled. "My horn is also crooked, and my body is beginning to shed skin... I am so ugly!" said the monster, crying sobbing.

"Don't be sad." Mary advised, "I found that you have a soft heart, though you are ugly and terrible in voice."

But the monster was ashamed and self-contained at this time. He rolled himself into the curtain and said that ugly monsters like it should only hide in dark places and never see people.

Mary said, "you are ugly, but there is a way to change. Cosmetics can make up for the natural shortage of appearance. Would you like to be a fashionable monster? "

"Can I?" the monster asked with a smile.

"Your smile tells me that you haven't seen toothbrushes for a long time, and the smell on you suggests that you probably don't know what soap and perfume are; what's more, you never use nail files?" Marie said, holding his nose in his hands.

The monster blushed to the root of his ears with shame.

"But you don't have to worry." Marie continued, "I have nail clippers, liquid soap, skin care liquid, talcum powder, lip balm, beauty massager... OK, let's start with the most basic." Mary said, dragging the monster into the bathtub.

When the monster came out of the bathroom, it had used more than 100 kinds of skin care products, which was totally called a fashionable monster! Its hair style is like the work of pioneer sculptor. Its teeth are white and clean, and its hair is bright and shiny, and even wrinkles on its face are gone.

"Now," Mary said, "I'll dress you." She opened the wardrobe, and the monster opened his mouth in surprise, and the clothes in it dazzled her.

Mary chose shoes, shirts, trousers, tap dance shoes, jazz shoes, Ballet... In a while, the monster looked like a little bit. But these clothes didn't seem to fit it. When he bent, his trousers tore a seam; he stepped forward, his shoes were broken and his toes were exposed; he stood up and his shirt turned into rags; the worst thing was that hat, which was cut into a hole in its corner and hung on his head in a awkward way. After all, these clothes are not designed for monsters.

But the monster is very easy to satisfy, and it is excited about its own changes. "Thank you so much, Mary." "Although I didn't put you in my stomach, my heart always had your place," it said. You make me look new from inside to outside! I can't wait to get back to my nest and let my partners see my new look! "It thanked Mary again and disappeared.

Mary went back to her bed and continued to think about what she was going to buy under her. But how could she not think about it this time. Suddenly she felt that there was something happier in the world than she enjoyed. How happy she was when she designed and dressed the monster! It turned out that bringing convenience and happiness to others is the greatest joy! What she thought for the first time was not new clothes, new shoes or other new things that could be bought, but that monster would appear again.

Just then, she heard a strange squeak. Then, the door of the closet opened and walked out of it all kinds of monsters, including big mouth, long nose and sharp teeth... But there is the same thing. These monsters are smelling a bad smell all over. It is difficult to describe these monsters in language. But as long as you think about the most strange and ugly aspects, it can not be overestimated.

What would you do with this? Fainting? Escaping? Hiding? Screaming?

Mary's response was different: "I want to open the world's first monster beauty shop and monster fashion store! I want monsters to dance on the stage in my dancing shoes and dance clothes!"

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