A new pair of tap dancing shoes

A new pair of tap dancing shoes

In the morning, there was no wind, and the hot sun hung high in the sky and scorched the earth.

"What kind of tap dancing shoes should I wear! How can't you find a suitable tap dancing shoes! " I said to myself as I turned over my old trample dancing shoes in the shoe cabinet. At this time, grandma came in and saw angry and said, "what are you doing in the shoe cabinet? This is what I just helped you with the last time. I was turned into a mess by you. These trampoling shoes can be worn. " I looked at my grandmother with a face of unhappiness: "it's all the tap dance shoes a few years ago, and I don't want to wear them." "Wear these red tap dance shoes! I think it's pretty. " I took the tap shoes and tried it, and threw them on the bed and said, "red tap shoes are not good-looking, they don't show my temperament." "temperament, what is temperament, should be learning as a primary factor in my young age, and don't always be choosy." Grandma seems a little upset. Grandma continued: "or wear these black trampoling shoes!" "It's too dark, even worse. Besides, it's too hot to wear black air permeability in summer, and it's hot to death on your body." I retorted to my grandmother. "Then you wear these white tap shoes. Isn't this your favorite tap shoes?" I glanced and said, "white ones are easy to get dirty, they don't wear them." Grandma can not help but the anger in her heart: "I don't care about you, it's annoying not to wear that or not." Then grandma walked out of the room in anger.

At this time, mom came in and criticized me: "how do you get angry with grandma? What kind of tap dance shoes do you want to wear, so many tap shoes you don't wear, waiting for the new year to wear?" I said to my mother with a smile, "I'm tired of wearing these two pairs of kick shoes and I don't want to wear them." My mother seemed to see my mind and said, "you just want to buy a new pair of tap dancing shoes? You can say no, why do you circle around such a large circle, and also make Grandma angry, I don't want to care about you in this attitude. " After that, mom also angrily walked out.

"Hum, what's great? I just want to buy a pair of trampoling shoes? I'm sorry to say it! I don't understand I sat down in bed with tears running.

The aunt in the living room suddenly cried out: "I have sent it by express. I'm going to get the express delivery. Ah! I have new tap shoes on again. " She said out in a deliberate voice. "It is clearly to me. What is great? I am not rare." I thought in my heart, but still can not help but secretly look out.

"Kiki, you're at home. Don't go out. I'll go get a express delivery with your aunt." "You know! I replied reluctantly. After a while, they all came back, aunt opened Express Express proudly said: "new tap dancing shoes are not the same, both beautiful and comfortable to wear." "I can't help running out and shouting," you all go out, I don't want to see you, you don't care about me. " But I can see that the clothes she takes in her hand are not her! Is it Aunt came to me and hugged me and said, "my beautiful little princess, this dress was bought for you three days ago, but I didn't tell you, I want to give you a surprise. How can I know you are so upset?" I listened to the red face embarrassed to say: "thank you aunt, I should not do this, should not buy a new dress to annoy grandma and mother."

I put on new tap shoes and felt that the whole people were much fresh. My aunt looked left and right and said, "it's really suitable. The color is very good. It's beautiful."

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