A Pair of Tap Dance Shoes

One sunny afternoon, I went to the mall with my mother to buy tap shoes. This is not as simple as buying tap dancing shoes. This time, I was deeply moved by my mother's love for me.
tap dance shoes

My mother and I went to the tap shoe store by bus. Along the way, rows of colorful signs came into my eyes, which made my eyes overwhelmed. Let me have a look at this sign. It's very beautiful. Let me have a look at that sign. It's also very delicate. It really dazzles me.
tap dance shoes

"Ding Dong", the car arrived at the station, I happily pulled my mother out of the car, after a "long journey" and finally arrived at the destination "tap dance shoes and clothing supermarket". My mother and I walked into the supermarket quickly. As soon as we entered the supermarket, we were attracted by the colorful tap dancing shoes in the supermarket. My mother and I went into the women's tap dance shoes zone, and my mother visited it. Finally, my mother's eyes swept through the rows of tap shoes and fell on a simple but grand tap shoe. I thought: Well, these tap shoes must be very suitable for mom. A young waiter seemed to see through his mother's mind and came up to him and said, "madam, you are so young. You must look good in these tap shoes."
tap dance shoes

"This..." After thinking for a moment, mom reluctantly agreed, "OK, I'll try."

Not to mention, this pair of tap dance shoes is just like tailor-made for mom, just fit mom, mom's face shows a satisfied smile. Mom looked left and right in front of the mirror. In short, she liked it very much. Slowly change tap dance shoes, mother hesitated for a moment, then asked: "how much is this pair of tap dance shoes?"
tap dance shoes

"No, it's 59$." The salesman looked at the label of the clothes and answered with a smile.

Mother a listen, the smile on the face immediately disappeared: "so expensive ah, can less?"

"I'm sorry, these tap shoes are priced. They can't be missing." The salesman kept smiling.

My mother's mood suddenly fell to a low ebb. Looking at the tap dancing shoes, her eyes were so disappointed. She took my hand and said, "son, let's go. We'll come back to buy them when we have the next Festival. There should be a discount at that time." You can tell from her tone that she is so reluctant

I know that this pair of tap shoes will be bought by a young man who is willing to spend money when it's time for the festival. My mother said that just to comfort herself. But I also think of the scene when my mother bought me tap dancing shoes. No matter how expensive, she would buy them for me. As long as I like them, how generous she was at that time. But now, my mother is reluctant to buy a 59$ tap dance shoe for herself.

Thinking about it, I can't help falling moved tears.

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