A restless night

Today is July 5, a very important night, we are going to teach square dance aunt square dance! In order to better teach aunt, our square dance group went to the classroom to practice without taking a rest at noon.

After practicing for almost two hours, we didn't stop practicing until we had no strength. At the beginning, we were not familiar with the dance steps and hand movements, and the coordination was not good enough. As a result, several people jumped together. Later, we slowly coordinated and slowed down the music before we kept up with the corresponding movements of the dance.

In addition to practicing square dance, we also have to rehearse our own dance. After the whole noon, several of us were almost exhausted and collapsed. But even though we are very tired, none of us feel hard, because we all think it is very meaningful.

Towards night, before aunt came, we were both nervous and excited. I'm going to jump out of the dance rehearsed at noon on the bright platform, and I'm excited to teach my aunt to dance!

In fact, I think the square dance is very good, so that aunt has a platform for exercise and an entertainment atmosphere. Not only enrich life, get happiness, but also exercise... Square dance - can make every joint of the whole body get active exercise, so as to achieve the effect of strengthening the body. It is simpler and easier to learn than stage dance. It is also less intense and more entertaining than other forms of exercise. Anyone who likes music is interested in learning. Dancing square dance can not only make yourself happy physically and mentally, but also offer beauty to the viewer. Square dancing also has the effect of losing weight. But we must stick to it for a long time and jump seriously every time. Only by sweating and consuming extra calories can you lose weight and make your body slim and healthy. Over the past six months, I have lost several kilograms. From my own experience, I think square dancing is beneficial to physical and mental health, and it is worth advocating. It is undeniable that proper exercise after dinner in the evening is not only beneficial to the intestines, but also improves people's pre sleep state.

About nine o'clock, aunt came one after another. Let's first tell aunt what we want to teach them about the basic dance. Aunt may have a dance foundation. As long as we teach the movements once, aunt can repeat them perfectly. The speed of learning is amazing, which makes us young people feel inferior.

We showed aunt two different dance movements, one is harder and the other is softer. After reading our comparison, my aunt said that she preferred the hard one. Maybe the dance they usually danced belonged to the soft one, which was very new to them.

After we danced to the music several times, aunt has learned the whole dance! Learning speed makes us ashamed again. This also tells us that we need to learn not only in school, but also in books. And here in the square dance aunt, we can learn a lot of their positive energy spirit of being positive and not giving up!

After this evening's square dance exchange, I look forward to the next time, looking forward to the sparks of different age stages!

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