A true love story between a boy and a girl

There is such a boy who does not know, the girl does not know the existence of the other party, and does not know that there is such a boy here, because the boy is low-key!!

At the beginning of understanding, the girl didn't know that boys could be so crazy. So you can get along like this. The boy has a strange way of sleeping! I don't like being disturbed. Once, the girl disturbed the boy's sleep, and the boy scolded the girl. The girl was speechless at that time. But the boy apologized to the girl and explained the reason. The girl forgave the boy. They are fighting like before! The girl remembered that the boy didn't like writing compositions, and every time she asked the girl to help him write them. It happened that it was April Fool's day. The girl and her fellow seat played with the boy. This was a love letter.

Finally, they added a few words at the end of the composition, saying that the boy liked a girl in the class and hoped that the teacher could read the article in the class. What the girl didn't expect was that. The teacher wrote "I will meet your wish" at the end. The girl told the boy about it, and the boy took a look at it and tore the composition book. The girl felt very guilty. During the class, the girl wrote a note to the boy, which said: "sorry, today's joke was too much.". I'll give you a new copy of your composition, and happy April Fool's day. "After that, the boy only said that he remembered to buy it for me. Nobody expected that the girl in this article was the girl herself. Girls and boys are their stories. After all, I should thank my classmates. If it weren't for them, boys and girls wouldn't be together at all.

When boys began to pursue girls, they thought that boys were so stupid. Is there such a confession to girls? But when the girl got sick! The boy bought medicine for the girl. Then he turned around and left. I didn't say anything. When a girl thinks she will give you medicine. Unexpectedly, the boy went to pour hot water for the girl and watched the girl take the medicine. The girl was very moved. Because this is the first time someone has taken care of her like this! But the girl still didn't promise the boy, because the girl didn't want to be in love anymore. This day, it was another day's Chinese teacher's evening self-study class. The girl promised the boy.

At the beginning of love, boys always think of girls. The boy is ill. Boys will be far away from girls. I don't want to approach girls. And the girl doesn't know. I thought I didn't care about myself. I quarreled with the boy again. But the boy didn't say anything after all? Boys still spoil girls. Sometimes girls look at boys and think that boys look like cold big boys. Boys usually don't talk to girls. I only want to be close to girls, but others don't know that boys also have a child side! Only boys are willing to show it in front of girls alone! During the period when boys and girls are in love, girls will receive a thousand paper cranes every day, because it represents every day that boys and girls talk. When the girl is free, she will take out the paper crane and count it. Boys love smoking, but girls don't like to smell it. That's why! The boy said he could stop smoking for the girl! But I didn't quit in the end! But the girl knows why. Boys can be understood, but boys really seldom smoke in front of girls. Even with friends. If the girl is here, the boy will get

Girl's permission. Even if he will be laughed at by his friends. Boys will still be like this. When a boy's friend also smokes, the boy will ask his friend to smoke away. Because boys always know that girls don't like the smell of cigarettes. In fact, the girl has been very moved.

A year in love, boys and girls. They gave each other presents for their first anniversary. Both boys and girls enjoyed themselves this year! Happiness.

When they fell in love for two years, the boys and girls also graduated from high school. They were very lucky to be admitted to another university. But unfortunately, the girl suddenly got a strange disease and always ignored the boy. No matter what method the boy used to coax the girl, the girl's attitude was always very cold, which was a big change of 180 degrees. In the past two years, they have quarreled. I also had conflicts. I don't know how many times! But this time, because of the quarrel. The girl even broke up

But when watching the boy cry for the first time, his body was shaking, and the girl was heartbroken. It hurts so much that I can't breathe. At this time, the girl wanted to hold the boy tightly and said: I don't want to break up with you, because I love you, but I have this strange disease of epilepsy, and I don't know when this disease will break out... But the girl couldn't do it, didn't want to tell the boy about her condition, turned around ruthlessly, and slowly went away. The boy looked at the girl's far back. He didn't hold her. In this way, under the sunset, the girl's figure slowly disappeared, while the boy stayed in place and cried all the time.

The stories of boys and girls are bland. Maybe some people will feel sorry for them, and maybe some people will say, "why not tell it directly? Tell the truth to boys." but their stories are not over yet! To be continued

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