A true story

A true story

When I was young. In my world. There are no happy words. Maybe you don't believe it. But it's true. When I was young. My family look down on me. Just my mom. Good to me is true to me. There is no second person who is sincere to me, only my mother. Because my family looks down on me. I don't think I'm blind. I can't see dancing, but I love dancing. My mother often gives me all kinds of dancing shoes, which is the only thing to comfort my heart.

When I was young. I am often abused by others. Being ridiculed. But at that time I was not sensible. But at that time, my mother was always good to me and concerned about me. Only my mother can make me feel really happy. At that time, no other person can make me feel really happy. When I was young. I haven't been to school yet. Because I'm blind.

I know that even if I go to school, I can't be in the same school as normal people. Because we are not the same kind of people. Even if I go to a school, I can't learn anything. And then I didn't go to school. But my mother is really great. She's blind, too. But she has been working hard, trying to make me better. She taught me to feel the dance with my heart, follow the music and shake according to my own feelings. Every time I put on those cheap dance shoes and listen to songs, I can find my own happiness.

With her efforts, when I was 16 years old, I found out about Wang School in other places. Then with her efforts, I finally went to school. Two years later, I moved to another school for the blind. But I was not really happy at that time. After I went to that school, I met another one. Beautiful girl. After knowing her, I was really happy. Because I feel really happy with her. Very happy, too. She made me really happy. It's also her who really moved me, and only she and the dance can make me smile.

I never shed tears for anyone. But I really shed tears for her. This proves that I really like her. It's really fun to be with her. Every time when I was upset and sad, as long as I could see her, everything was gone immediately. She is very naughty. She's gentle, too. She's beautiful, too. She's kind, too.

So I must study hard in the future. Well, there is no such person to let me live like this any more, only her, so it depends on this. I must be responsible for her and treat her sincerely. The reason why I can really let me thank you is my mother. Because of her efforts, with her pay, I can be like this. I will work hard for them. Treat her well. I will treat that girl with my heart. After so many years, my dance has gradually been recognized by people. Every time I put on cheap tap dancing shoes and dance on the stage, I can always find a kind of inexplicable power, which drives me forward!

Well, that's all for the story. This is my true story, without any false content.

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