A woman who dances belly

A woman who dances belly

One day, as usual, go to the fitness center, just as the belly dance course! The coach entered the door, I looked up at it at will. Although I guess that the temperament of belly dance coach is elegant and tall, her unique feminine beauty and elegant temperament still surprised me, and attracted me!
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When she changed into professional belly dancing clothes and the rattling waist chain, she had a beautiful figure; When she twists her slender waist and legs, moves the light dance steps and dances on the coach platform, I am shocked by her charming and beautiful dance posture. I seem to see a young woman of about 20 years old dancing and blooming! All say that women's beauty is for men, but I find I don't know when to even like to see beautiful women! I realized beauty in that moment The beautiful and enchanting woman has how to have the temptation that the man can not recall.

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In her eyes, I saw the fishtail pattern in her corner of eyes. The perception told me that this woman was over 40 years old! The dynamic and sexy Indian belly dance was performed in her dancing steps. I tried to imitate and dance as much as possible, while enjoying the charm and enchanting of the coach. The confidence and calm set off the infinite charm of a woman. My charm The heart is shocked at the same time, but also began to think about the proposition of youth and age! And thinking comes from this belly dancing woman!

A woman in her 40s, her posture and appearance are so perfect. Although years have been engraved without care on her face, when she puts out a beautiful posture, when her slender jade finger draws a beautiful arc in the air, when her breast is not so full, my heart can not be calm for a long time! I hear the voice of envy in her heart saying "You are far from others. Do you have a solid dance foundation? Have you received good dance training? Have you ever made a body to dance? Is your work nature and life law allowed you to learn?" but suddenly this ridiculous comparison and questioning was denied by me.
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To be honest, she is not beautiful, but what I see in her is the extraordinary confidence and temperament, as well as the feminine softness and charm, and a feeling of the endless Youth Surge, and a kind of calm and relief. These are actually not related to age. Maybe the woman who dances belly dancing once again confirms that the beauty of a woman is not from a beautiful face, but by a kind of inner However, the temperament of the outside determines that the beautiful body and confident and calm mentality are better than all superficial luxury and flash in the pan. These are not related to the origin of a woman, the nature of work, whether she has a good dance foundation! Perhaps, what I lack in essence is the courage to realize beauty and to persist in the end!

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A 30-year-old woman, admiring a woman in her 40s, who is ten years old, wants to come to this logic is not recognized and accepted. But this belly dancing woman has greatly touched me. She let me reflect on my life attitude and life habits, and she also gives me the courage to subvert the past obscene life. In the envy of beauty, I am eager to pursue to realize it. Maybe I can't be as charming and light as this belly dancing woman on dance stage, but I believe that as long as I pursue it unremittingly, I will find the true meaning of beauty I can keep a graceful and calm life. Although not perfect, I will still be a wonderful woman on the stage of life!
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Since then, I also fell in love with dance, began to learn all kinds of dance, Latin dance, jazz dance, tap dance, Cha Cha dance, rumba, tango, classical dance, modern dance, pop dance, on the way to dance, the farther and farther! At the same time, I also like all kinds of dance clothes, cheap dance clothes, expensive dance clothes, fill my wardrobe with full, those cheap dance shoes, expensive dance shoes, and many of them are put into the cloakroom exhibition! There are cheap tap dancing shoes, cheap jazz dancing shoes, cheap ballroom dance shoes, cheap balllet dance shoes, and of course, exquisite and expensive tap dancing shoes, jazz shoes, ballet shoes and crystal dancing shoes! In short, collection of a variety of dance clothes and dance shoes, some are celebrity, some are custom-made!



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