absolutely unexpected

Have you ever experienced that a sentence you inadvertently said has become the memory of others?

Before I came to Shiqiao primary school, I was glad to teach the third grade students. I thought that the senior students were more sensible and should be easier to teach, but the reality was always crueler than the ideal. On the first day of Shiqiao primary school, in the first dance class of grade three, their behavior was completely beyond my expectation. The boys and girls in the class were fundamentally incompatible. As long as the boys met the girls a little, the girls would chase the boys throughout the classroom until they hit the boys. This situation made me feel that I really couldn't teach, and this was just the beginning.

However, I always believe that every child will have a simple side in his heart, so I also take out my heart to treat them. Time has slowly proved that they accepted me and regarded me as a good friend. They will tell me about their parents and everything about them. If I have to say the reason why they can accept me, I will definitely say that it is indispensable to treat them sincerely and patiently, After all, people's hearts are made of meat. If you want to harvest real emotions, you need to pay sincerely.

In the third grade class, I was most impressed by a girl. She is a highly motivated girl. It may be because her parents work outside all the year round, which makes people seem that she is an independent and sensible girl. I remember when I chatted with her the day before yesterday, she asked me, "teacher, do you like spicy food?" I said, "I like it!" As a result, during class today, she took out a few chili peppers from her pocket and gave them to me. She said that I liked spicy food so she picked them at home. At that moment, she suddenly felt very moved. Unexpectedly, what she said inadvertently became her heart's memory, and she didn't expect that she had so much influence on them. What's more, she would call me to ask whether I had eaten or bathed, Have a rest early, or you will have dark circles under your eyes. At that moment, I think the immature voice on the phone is so nice and warm!

Thank you in grade three. It is because of you that my life in the countryside is so full. Even if I am very tired, as long as I see your sweet smile, I feel so warm in my heart and feel that everything is worth it! Today's last class, thank you for the blessings you wrote on the blackboard for me. Goodbye, not never to see again, but when we meet again, we can still remember each other. Therefore, I will always remember the love you gave me. When we meet again, I will still be your good friend!

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