Active sports meeting

Yesterday, the weather was not perfect and it rained heavily. Therefore, our sports meeting was postponed to today. With the sound of Xiao Ming, the "living treasure" of our class, the fun sports meeting began. The contents of the activities were extremely rich, and ten checkpoints were arranged for the students to pass through one by one. The team with the fastest clearance can win the prize. At the same time, we have given each checkpoint various wonderful names, such as triathlon, fish leaping over the dragon's gate

I was originally helping in the kitchen, but there were not enough referees, so I was temporarily pulled to be the referee of one of the checkpoints. Looking at the small checkpoint, the students also tried their best to unite and cooperate to break through. After the breakthrough, they cheered happily. It seemed that I was also infected by their atmosphere and became an innocent child to play with them. The sun in the sky seems to be infected like me. The rain has stopped for several days in a row, blooming a brilliant golden light and falling on everyone's smile.

Some teachers' children and children who have not yet gone to school have also been attracted to them. With a little strength, they twist their small bodies and want to complete the sports barrier of the older children. If they can't complete it, they frown and look lovely. People around us can't help laughing.

The winning team held balloons to celebrate, and the team that did not win also had consolation awards and lovely signature pens. Everyone was filled with happiness, and the fun sports meeting ended with laughter!

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