Afternoon time

Afternoon time

The sun shines on the bed through the gap of the curtain. It's warm and comfortable. After the eyelashes tremble, you wake up. When the curtain is lifted, there is no one in the street, and the cicada's tireless cry is lost. It's like accompaniment for dancers wearing cheap dance shoes. It feels like summer is slipping away from their fingers. The sun is so careless, the sun is as transparent and clear as crystal, water is flowing between heaven and earth, in the yellow and red leaves, clear veins flow in clusters. The girl in the rose red turtleneck sweater is carrying a schoolbag, wearing cheap tap dancing shoes, and stepping on the slow rhythm. The lazy expression on her face is just suitable for this lazy autumn. She is walking with a cat like elegant pace, and gradually disappears from her sight.

Mother bought back the snow chrysanthemum is still so warm, slender petals tilted outward, petals layer upon layer, such as a chiffon princess skirt gorgeous, leaning forward, you can smell a elegant fragrance, just like this flower, beautiful but not coquettish.

A few chirping birds call back my thoughts. The little sparrow stares at a pair of small chestnut eyes and jumps up to the window sill to look at me. This may be a young bird who has just left his parents. His mind is still very young, and he doesn't understand how dangerous it is to humans with upright legs. He shakes his feathers and jumps forward a few steps, Tender yellow beak spit out a series of wonderful calls, I stretched out my finger to touch its feathers, it seems to be frightened general Hula to fly away.

The sun gradually tilted to the west, I stretched a stretch, got up from the chair, looked at the next dance shoes, it was another wonderful day.

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