Alfalfa blossom

Alfalfa blossom

You said I was your clover.

To you, I always mean, but you always let me this naughty character have no place to show. Gently walk to you with the dog tail grass touch your nose still secretly lie in your ear shouting: "floating, my girl, you are not pretending to sleep beauty!" You always say to me, "are you a witch?" Look, that's how you're naughty. You told me you were looking for clover and you were going to give it to me. You said, I am your clover, always bring you luck. Usually alfalfa has only three leaves called clover, but there are also very difficult clover, and I am as important to you as clover.

You say leave don't cry, you will plant Alfalfa for me in front of the door. When she flowers, she dances for me in cheap dancing shoes in the flowers!

Gently push the door, the atmosphere is very heavy, you quietly spit out from your mouth: "I am leaving." You gently say, I listen quietly, but tears like the Yellow River burst like the surging flow, let people suddenly. It seems that the world is still, I become numb and ignorant. Your last word pulls me back from the closed world. You say don't cry when you leave. You will plant Alfalfa for me in front of the door. Every summer vacation will come back to see me. That night, I put on the cheap tap shoes you sent me, and in the night, I dance in front of Alfalfa flowers with the familiar dance

I said send you alfalfa, let me accompany you. With this beautiful flower, there are those beautiful dances, and those cheap dance shoes!

I am only five days away from you. It has been 11 years since we were born and separated. We have experienced many storms and hardships for 11 years of friendship. Lying in bed, I think quietly, I want to let my thoughts float to that spring. We catch butterflies together by the river. I fell down carelessly. You said to me, "butterflies are beautiful only after a lot of hardships, and then they come out of cocoons." I was still young, you were still young, and simply thought we would never be separated. Who had thought that today, I would meet on dance stage, wearing the dancing shoes you sent me, and dancing a song of meeting

Along the way, I feel you step away from me every step. Suddenly, the grass attracted my attention, it was clover! We used to try hard to find, but we have no success. Now, with only one eye, we find it from the grass. Send you a alfalfa of mine, let me accompany you.

I weave our memories into a dream and put them in a box of clover. You lie on the ground of alfalfa, telling me the story of Alfalfa against me leaning against the tree. Occasionally, I will pick some alfalfa flowers and hand them to me. Finally, we will lie in the grass to find the clover. You can find the flowers with emotion. If you talk to them, you will have the most beautiful flowers.

You have been away for two or three years. I have been waiting for you for a long time. Unfortunately, you haven't appeared again, and no one has told me the story of Alfalfa any more. When flowers open, I always wear cheap dance shoes you send me, dancing other people can't understand, waiting for a long time against people!

I understand your reluctance and guilt, but now I put down, but alfalfa story has not ended. One day, I will continue to write again, maybe this winter vacation, or next summer vacation. I always believe in it, wait, wait until you come back and ask if alfalfa is open? When you come back, put on the cheap dancing shoes you sent me, and dance together in front of Alfalfa!

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