All kinds of friends

It's fate to know each other, and it's a blessing to be friends. Friends are the ladder of mutual learning and progress, and the bright light that always twinkles in our hearts. I have read a beautiful prose "friends are lights", which I will never forget. Gold is easy to get, but a confidant is hard to find. Life is short for decades. How many people can find a bosom friend and cheap dance shoes ?

Through the ages, many friendships have become beautiful talks. For example, Guan Bao's friendship has become a model for making friends. People admire Bao Shuya for his willingness to lower his status and provide opportunities for his friends to show their talents. For example, Yu Boya falls the piano and Xie Zhiyin in Feng Menglong, a novelist of the Ming Dynasty, describes the moving friendship between Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi. From then on, we know that the so-called bosom friend is like-minded, not wine and meat friends and cheap tap dance shoes .

Some seemingly plain things in life are so unforgettable. In the 1970s, my children of the capitalist roaders were assigned to work on a farm. It was a cold, rainy day in mid November. When I got there, I didn't make any living arrangements at all. In the evening, I didn't even have the problem of accommodation. When it was cloudy and rainy in early winter at more than 6 o'clock, it was already dark. At this time, one was unaccompanied and felt very lonely and helpless. When I was at a loss, a barefoot doctor led me to his room and specially padded a bed of cotton wool on the bed, so we two squeezed on a narrow and warm wooden bed all night. From then on, we became true friends.

As for false friends, I haven't encountered them yet. It happened that I saw Wenyou the day before yesterday. His narration allowed me to see the face of a false friend: after he joined the work, he tried his best to help a person solve his work problems, which changed the fate of that person's life. At that time, not only the man himself, but also his family and the people around him had a good reputation for it. In this regard, my literary friends have always believed that it is the need of work, and there is never any intention of asking for return. But I didn't think of my good intentions, but what I got was ruthless betrayal. Because they worked in the same organ, the man was eager to make progress, so he did everything to clear the obstacles. Later, the man crossed the river and tore down the bridge, avenged the hand with the enemy, and spread rumors and slander on my literary friends in order to promote himself and ccheap tap shoes.

After the narration between Wen you and me, I can't help sighing that people have a heart of a dream of Red Mansions, but they live in the world of water margin. They want to make some Taoyuan brothers in the Three Kingdoms, but they always encounter some demons and ghosts in journey to the West. Don't say how many people you know, let's see how many people know you when you are in trouble. Friends, as long as quality, not quantity. Yes, when a villain makes friends with you, he values what he needs - either money, power, fame, or color. But when he has achieved his goal, or you have lost your use value, he will show his original indifference.

To make friends, you must also make friends and close friends who share the same interests, have feelings and righteousness, and complement each other morally. The friendship between Li Bai and Du Fu proves that the pursuit of return friendship or the pursuit of equal friendship is always done by narrow-minded people; The friendship between Marx and Engels proves that only the monument of friendship established by common belief can last forever; The friendship between Jin Yuelin and Liang Sicheng proves that human beings are smarter and greater than animals because human beings have friendship in addition to sex; Zweig's friendship with Freud proves that a true friend is to shape the idols they worship each other

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