An interesting dance competition

An interesting dance competition

There are many competitions in the summer vacation. They are as bright as stars. But there is such a big and bright star, which is also my deepest memory.

I still remember that it was a Sunday when our delegation went out on behalf of the red shoes to participate in the eighth children's dance competition of the province. After arriving at the destination, I immediately began to exercise and rehearse, hoping to do my best to achieve a good result. Just rehearsing, just listen to teacher Zhang shouting: "we have five minutes to go on stage!" I speeded up immediately. But time doesn't wait. We'll be on soon. It's a mule, it's a horse. Now we need to take a walk! On dance stage, I don't know how nervous I am. But I still smile at the audience and try my best to show the best in front of the audience. Gradually, I seem to be integrated with dance, and I enjoy dancing more and more. But before I knew it, the music was over, and I stopped, and there was a burst of applause. I am very happy, because, I did not leave a regret! The heart of the stone also gently fell to the ground.

When we got off the stage, we heard someone crying in a low voice. Looking around, it turned out to be Mr. Zhang, the dance teacher! She wiped her tears and said to us with a smile: "children, you dance so well! I'm just proud of you After listening, we all laughed happily.

"Now it's time to get results!" A judge teacher walked by us and said, we immediately went to the award platform. "We are the third prize winner of" Lane express hall "again I said excitedly, "I can't believe it!" At this time, dance teacher Zhang said: "as long as you take this competition seriously and make sufficient preparations, you will definitely get a good place!" Yes, one minute on stage and ten years off stage. Although there is little time on stage, as long as we work hard, there will be rewards!

This dance competition impressed me deeply and made me understand another truth: no pains, no gains! How interesting! From then on, I fell in love with dance and learned all kinds of dance: tap dance, jazz dance, ballet dance, tango, modern dance, hip-hop dance and so on! Every time I perform, I try my best to dance and get applause from the audience!

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