An unimaginable friendship

Knowing m is a chance. At that time, because of work needs, I took the initiative to add him, and he immediately added me, and then nothing was done.

In my opinion, we are just passers-by to each other. As a last resort, I don't need to have any intersection with him. Therefore, the best distance is not deliberately disturbed.

Twoorthree days later, when I was overwhelmed with writing a material for a leader, he took the initiative to ask me, saying that he would write a material for a leader. After thinking about it for a day, he could not find a suitable idea. He wanted to sincerely communicate with me to get inspiration.

What made me sad and surprised me was that the materials we were going to write were similar in nature. After some exchanges, we didn't think of a good starting point, but the two sides smelled a breath from a few words and sympathized with each other.

When I formally met him, I felt sincere and kind for some reason because of his fat appearance, simple smile and focused eyes. This is a true feeling that will not fade no matter how the years erode, and goes straight to the bone marrow and materializes outside. With the vicissitudes of time, some things hidden deep in the bones will only become more and more rooted in the long river of years.

He affectionately called me Zhuzhu, and I affectionately called him Pangpang. Maybe very naive, even very ambiguous, but we don't care.

"There is fate to meet thousands of miles away, but there is no fate to meet each other." the fate between people is so wonderful.

I remember I once said a word with Chunhua. Some people, from the first time I saw her or him, I knew that she or he would be my forever friend.

The same is true for M.

There is no politeness or hesitation. From QQ to SMS, we chat about our work and life in the most natural way. This is an open and suspicious communication.

Although due to work reasons, we almost never had a serious face-to-face conversation, after a few short positive contacts, our friendship seemed to come naturally.

There is no intrigue or intrigue. The long lost relaxation makes us instantly forget the troubles in work and life.

After being depressed for a long time, we suddenly meet a bosom friend. We are like a long dried up river seeing the rain. Our inner joy is unspeakable.

Our friendship was forged in just half a month.

He shared his love with me. I listened carefully. Where he talked and where I heard, I didn't ask deliberately, but I was really happy for him.

He and I talked about the pain caused by lovelorn. I listened carefully and analyzed carefully. He didn't talk about the reasons for lovelorn. I wouldn't ask or mention it. I just comforted him in my own way, hoping that he would remember the girl's good, forget her harm to him, and be a person who can afford to win and lose.

Youth is a beautiful sadness. We will experience pain and welcome the beautiful sunshine all the way.

I said that 2012 was a very painful year for me. Many people and things would make me jumpy when I think about them, but now I understand a lot. Because when I was in pain, I got to know m and Lulu. In the past year, the two friendships that I cherish most and the two indispensable rays of sunshine in my life.

Therefore, I believe that life is always beautiful. At the right time, people should learn to turn around, don't drill through the horns, don't force themselves to approach a dead end, and miss the opportunity to have close contact with the sun.

Pangpang, I am very happy to know you. I hope that as you said, you will work hard, live well, love yourself, loved ones and friends, and be enterprising and grateful.

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