And let go, let the past go with the wind

 Since the loss of the mobile phone, there are many messages sent by unknown friends and cheap dance shoes . I always have to reply to the message and explain. After a period of time, I found that most of the students stored in my mobile phone were students after college. Those who used to be very familiar with them still had no news.

Some friends who have been together have common hobbies and interests, like the same idol, share secrets in the same bed until dawn... After separation, those distant and trivial sweets are still cherished in our hearts and dance shoes forever. However, suddenly one day, we found that the person who thinks he is close as another himself has become a little strange unknowingly.

Suddenly some lost, originally thought that would be a lifetime friend, unconsciously fade out of each other's lives.

Only three or two sisters are still close. Although they don't have much contact at ordinary times, there is still no hesitation in their conversation. Think about it. It's time to be content.

When I look at my gradually strange friend and feel sad, I am just a familiar stranger to her. Individuals have their own way. It is unnecessary and impossible to force each other to remain similar to themselves. Although we once agreed to be friends for a lifetime, each person's environment is different, and the way of thinking and ideological connotation always change, just like two intersecting straight lines and tap dance shoes , which have their own directions after the intersection.

But at least we used to believe and like each other so much. That's enough. It's already very happy to have you on the road of life. Quietly deposit this feeling in your heart, and face new friends with a bright smile.

Sometimes several girls will discuss a very boring topic: "is there a pure friendship between boys and girls?" no one can give a definite answer to this question. Personally, I am willing to believe emotionally, but intellectually, I understand that it is impossible.

A long time ago, I naively thought that someone could always accompany me silently and guard by my side. They would comfort me when I was sad, encourage me when I was decadent, and share happiness, simplicity and happiness with me when I was happy.

Later, I realized that this was actually a selfish idea and cheap tap dance shoes , because no one is who's who. Also because, I grew up, some sad to grow up. Although unwilling, this is a reality that we must all face. We are all part of each other's life. When we meet, we attract and admire each other. Unless it is the one who can accompany you all your life, they are just passers-by in each other's lives. As time goes by, many friends will gradually pass by. It is fate to meet and know each other, but it is difficult to stay together.

If you can meet a person who can always guard around you, it is great happiness. But most of the time, we all have to learn to wave goodbye generously and keep beautiful memories in our minds. It's better than looking back and lingering. Things are different from people and tap shoes, just adding sadness!

Learn to give freedom and cheap tap shoes to others and to yourself. When we regret that the familiar figures are gradually disappearing, some strange figures will gradually become familiar. Life is like this, growing up in constant gain and loss. Don't be obsessed with what you have lost and ignore the beauty that you gradually get.

Let the past go with the wind, learn to let go, learn to cherish, and learn to look down on some things. Later, and with fate, just because, and you met, is already happy.

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