as passionate as the recited chapters

At 8:00 a.m. on July 10, 2017, the dandelion social practice team of the school of law and politics of Lingnan Normal University officially held the opening ceremony at Xinyou primary school in Yanggan Town, Suixi County, Zhanjiang City, which means that the dandelion social practice team will carry out a 10 day three rural activities here. Before the opening ceremony, the young college students of Lingnan Normal University were surrounded by the enthusiasm of the children. During the rehearsal of the team members, the students had surrounded the beautiful team members and listened to the passionate recitations of the team members. I believe that the mood of the team members at this time was as passionate as the recited chapters.

The team members listened to the headmaster's speech and knew their sense of responsibility and mission. The headmaster assigned grades at the meeting. The team members and students also listened carefully to the headmaster's expectations for everyone. At the same time, Captain Ding linen said that she was honored to come to Xinyou primary school and would do her best to lead the team members and do a good job in the three rural areas. The lovely captain is deeply loved by the children. It is expected that in these days, he will do a good job in the responsibility of the captain, set an example, and leave the children 10 days of good memories.

At the end of the ceremony, all members of the dandelion social practice team of the Party Building School of law and politics of Lingnan Normal University sang the chorus song "Dandelion". The team members firmly believe in their own strength, do brave dandelions one after another, and protect the growth of children with bright and firm love for 10 days.

After the ceremony, the team members of each group took action one after another. After the headmaster arranged the class of each child, the children showed a bright smile and ran towards the classroom. The members of the support teaching group immediately took action and immediately arrived in the class to communicate with the children and start the course. On the other hand, the members of the research group took the questionnaire and went to the village to carry out their tasks. During the visit, they were welcomed by the villagers, who expressed their willingness to accept the questionnaire and interview. In the morning, the scorching sun was in full swing, and the members of the research team carried out their own work against the hot weather and the mud on the road, and did not return to school until noon. The members of the research team said that the sun is hot and the visit is very tiring, but they always gain something. It's good to live up to this trip.

It was getting dark, and the members of the logistics group began to prepare meals. This was a team that shouldered the food and grass of a 40 person army. It was the so-called "the three armed forces did not move, and the food and grass went first". The members had enough to eat before they had the strength to work. The members of the logistics group are also great. Today's lunch, the members are very satisfied with the rich lunch. At the same time, they also want to say to the members of the logistics group, "students, it's hard, you're all great ~".

Although dandelion is small and easy to disperse, it is not afraid of the setbacks and failures of landing, just like the young dandelion players.

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