Auld Lang Syne

Talking about friends, I don't feel the passing of a friend, but there are so many friends, like the negatives of years, which are often displayed one by one in my mind. Bajin said: the experience of life will certainly make people forget a lot of things, but some memories will not disappear after how much time. A person comes to this world with nothing, from childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood and old age. No matter what kind of experience, they have had friends. Just as the book says: the most legitimate, greatest and common relationship of human beings is the relationship of friends.

Perhaps memory is a kind of happiness, memory is also a kind of sadness, no one knows their own future. Gorton said: true friendship is like health. We don't know its value until we lose it. Since childhood, I have always been proud of the innocent friends of childhood and youth... Now I often stand outside the railing of the kindergarten, recalling, tasting and sharing the happiness that has passed away for a long time. Sometimes a child's every move was like his former self.

From birth to death, no one has been spared, from babbling to white haired; From cruel politics to fierce business; From saving the society to seeing through the world of mortals, an eternal existence in any corner of the world is the friendship of friends.

Many great men have talked about friendship. Darwin once said: when it comes to fame, honor, happiness and wealth, if compared with friendship, they are all dust. Bacon said: people without friendship will be poor loners for life. A society without friendship is a prosperous desert. These great men and philosophers all value friendship so much and speak so incisively. As the saying goes: people gather in groups, and things divide in groups. Qin Hui also has several good friends. Now there are countless Wenyou, netizens, ball players and stock players. Its function is that if you tell your happiness to a friend, you will get two happiness; And if you tell your sorrow to a friend, you will be divided into half your sorrow. This shows the importance of friendship.

Friendship is everywhere in the world. The ancients said: all the people in the world are brothers. I think it should be broader now. No matter who is on the earth, they are communicating with each other in friendship, and it has developed to the point that human beings love animals and live in harmony with nature. This is the best choice for human development.

Everyone has friends, helped friends, or made sorry friends. With the passing of years, looking back, we should cherish the old friendship more. No matter how much suffering and frustration people suffer, friendship is eternal. Although we have met new friends due to age, region and other objective reasons, the old friendship will be unforgettable.

Friendship is not precious because of diamonds, but because of sincerity. The world of friendship values truth. A sincere, a trust, brews our most simple life. When we have sincerity, when friends trust us unconditionally, even in a difficult life, friendship will bloom the most brilliant smile to us.

Is there friendship on the Internet? My friend told me that if it is true to pay, the virtual world will not be false; If it is false, it will not be true in real life. I believe what the Internet pastes to you is copied from you.

True friendship is moving, and deep thinking will deepen the understanding of friendship in contemporary society. As long as we always have a grateful heart in our hearts, we will move towards the highest level of friendship. If there is any misunderstanding between friends, we should also say to the ancients: Rob Bo to cross all our brothers, laugh when we meet, and die of gratitude and hatred.

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