autumn rains

It's just dawn, autumn is beginning to appear, and the morning wind is slowly blowing away the sultry heat of summer in the twinkling of an eye. Bursts of clear and bright wind are coming face-to-face, and they naughtily try their best to get into their pockets and clothes, cool and long and straight to the bottom of their heart.

I can't help tasting the hometown market town carefully: just after the beginning of autumn, the autumn wind arrived as scheduled, gently rubbing the bleary eyes of the market town. The Osmanthus fragrans tree on the sidewalk, after hot caress in summer, the umbrella shaped tree crown was bright and dazzling green, the elongated branches kept shaking and jumping like children, and the green leaves crowded each other and rustled and cheered: "good morning, Hello, welcome".

The birds woke up in a deep sleep, their wings flapping the green leaves and competing to fly out of the green trees. They chirped and circled and looked down, as if they were playing a symphony of harvest in the morning wind. Then they reluctantly flew out of their habitat and dream of a new home and cheap dance shoes.

The cleaning worker in yellow jacket is waving his broom and shuttling through every street and lane, without leaking every corner and falling a trace of dust, which makes the street Shua. Although the flying dust confused his face  and cheap tap dance shoes, it leaves a clean and beautiful space. The market town is inseparable from you, the beautician. You paint the market town silently day after day and year after year with dawn as ink and streets as paper;

The gray sky gradually receded, and the morning light pulled down golden lines from the blue sky and clouds. Through the Jiuyang mountain, first connect the high-rise buildings, and then dress up the whole market town. The high-rise buildings are like rich young women, shining in gold and silver.

The elegant breakfast shop opens to welcome guests. The fragrant aroma of rice noodles in casserole, beef rice noodles, soybean milk fried dough sticks, steamed buns with small cages and steamed bread with old noodles floats in the wind and is waiting for diners to come and go.

Gradually, people gathered in the street, the traffic shuttled, and the noise boiled over the market town. Autumn morning, is struggling to open the hard-working double back, began to harvest autumn plump!

autumn rains

Autumn rain, like ox hair, falls slowly from the gray morning fog, entangled and continuous, like silk, like glue and paint, to express their unique feelings, floating, fresh and pleasant. I walked in the countryside of my hometown in the light of the drizzle, and let the silky autumn rain wet my cheeks, wet my thoughts and moisten my heart. Although the sight blurred the mountains in the distance, the state of mind suddenly became bright. The Milky mist covered the heavy countryside like a veil. The golden rice was washed by the drizzle, dazzling against each other with dew, and covered the countryside. A burst of autumn wind blew, rolled up layers of rice waves, sucked a rich aroma, and melted joy into the autumn rain.

Autumn rain, quietly flying and dripping with the wind, cleaned the dust in the air. The bright raindrops gathered on the leaves and rolled down along the veins, like broken beads, dripping on the ground, splashing water flowers, moistening the golden leaves on the soil. The veins were moistened clearly and upright, awakening the memory of the fallen leaves, Resolutely return to the root that raised him and have a golden dream and ccheap tap shoes . It is "fallen leaves are not ruthless things, but turn into spring mud to protect flowers".

Autumn rain, Raindrops under the eaves and dance shoes , swayed by a passionate autumn wind, became a bead curtain in the rain, crystal clear, decorating the old tile roofed house in my hometown. The pale yellow loofah flowers on the melon and vine rack in front of the dam are still open, smiling and competing to suck the drizzle, allowing the little loofah to grow wildly. The white, tender balsam pear is still swinging on the vine rack, the fat pumpkin is hiding under the green oil melon leaves and rolling freely along the vine. The hairy white gourd is unwilling to show weakness and enthusiastically puts on gray gauze clothes. These "autumn melons" are nourished and mature by the autumn rain, Bursts of rich melon fragrance came to my nose. Stripped off the dried string bean vine and cowpea vine, and began to rotate, planted cabbage and radish... The seeds and cheap ballroom dance shoes exposed sharp and tender buds under the moisture of autumn rain. They didn't even lament the masterpiece of "planting a millet in spring and harvesting ten thousand seeds in autumn". What about autumn seed? It gives workers more wings.

Autumn rain, pattering, sowing hope and cheap dance shoes, precipitation and abundance; Wash everything, quiet and bright. This teasing beauty is quietly woven into a dream in my heart, making Jinqiu more brilliant!

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