Bad friends are like you


In front of me is the lazy face of the dead family music, listening to the headphones intoxicatingly. I rolled my eyes and kindly reminded: kiss, pretend to be attacked by thunder, OK? Then I bowed my head and continued my poetry creation.

Suddenly, my shoulder hurt, and I turned back angrily. In front of me was Lao Liu's face, which had gathered the suffering of China for 5000 years. She seemed to be in a good mood and said with a smile: wife, writing poetry again.

I'm angry again: I warn you, I'm not gay!

She ignored my anger, picked up the paper, looked at it and said: not much. I rushed at her in case she read my poem. Because that poem is too hypocritical

As compensation, I made another Limerick for her:

It's thrilling to see you,

It's like seeing a tiger face.

The flowers don't bloom every year,

Did you know you were coming.

As a result, my poisonous tongue led to her beating


I was so worried with my midterm math test paper that I didn't dare to see how I did in the exam for a long time.

People familiar with me know that mathematics is my natural enemy. My math grades went up and down, which worried me.

I glanced at the dead test paper on the side and took a breath of envy --- I'll go, 95!

I know that his math score has always been far ahead.

Lao Liu next to her is very open-minded. Her grades have been very poor.

I sighed and resigned myself to fate. I summoned up the courage to open the test paper, but the score in front of me shocked me:

96, 96! 96 points! One point higher than that learning pervert!

When all the dead in front turned back, I immediately returned to my previous cheap appearance: why! Mom, it's 96 today.

He gave a bad smile: what about science?

Immediately, he looked at me in pride, and my face turned pale.

Cut! Except math and science, I never worry about my grades! (no exaggeration, my liberal arts is very good!)

So I pulled his hat and almost strangled him. So that when I came here in the afternoon, he pointed at me and shouted: you're wicked!

I smiled kindly: you're welcome.

Postscript: in fact, every time I see you, I will see the word "bad friend". But you gave me warmth and hope. By the way, I don't think that poem is sentimental at all now: the continuous summer sunshine

On your faces

Shining with the light of youth

In your pupil



Gently moving


Summer days.

Thank you. Bad friends are like you.

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