Beautiful courtyard-my home

Beautiful courtyard my home

Green vegetables, red peppers, sweet potatoes and peanuts hidden in the ground, luffa and balsam pear hanging on the pergola, plus Osmanthus fragrans with gold in green and Bauhinia with purple in powder They are bathed in the golden sun, full of energy! Look, it also attracts many small insects: yellow and black bees buzzing among the flowers, blue and purple butterflies fluttering to the head of the fiery red camellia fairy, putting on a lovely butterfly hairpin for her, red and black Seven Star ladybugs huddled together, hanging a delicate necklace on the noble Bauhinia Flower, and the round green beetle lazily Lying on the green leaves, enjoying the warm sunshine bath, there is a pavilion in the middle, making a few spotlights, forming a small dance stage, that is where our family shows the dance This is my beautiful courtyard!

Before, there was only one osmanthus tree and iron tree. But soon after, grandfather carefully cultivated a lot of exotic flowers and plants. In an instant, the ordinary and humble nameless courtyard was transformed into a vibrant and magnificent charming garden! Unfortunately, somehow, my grandfather suddenly fell ill. Fortunately, during his convalescence, whenever he opened the door and looked at the flowers, he felt very happy and his condition improved. In addition, he would dance slowly on the small dance stage every day to recover his health. This small stage also became a place for us to get together and chat.

Then, the hardworking grandparents tried their best to move and cultivate a strong big mac - plum tree. With this plum tree, every summer, as long as we set up a ladder, we can eat red, big, sweet and sour plums. I climbed up the ladder, like a clever monkey, aiming at a green and red plum. With a touch of my hand, I took a mouthful of "ah Mu". The sweet and sour overflowed from my squinting eyes. Mother said with a smile: "look, you are impatient. If you don't wash, be careful of the worms in your stomach!" But my grandfather said with pride: "it's OK. I haven't taken any medicine. It's a pollution-free and real green fruit." Ha ha ha, the whole family laughed! I not only tasted fresh, but also experienced the fun of harvest!

Later, my grandfather took us to plant many vegetables: vegetables, radishes, pumpkins, balsam pear, corn, peanuts have everything that one expects to find. Sowing hope, harvest fruit, I have experienced the joy of labor!

I suddenly feel that it's just a small yard, but it's full of five zang organs: it's a garden, an orchard, a vegetable garden and a dance stage. It attracts a lot of interesting insects. It's also a paradise for insects. My experimental insect research park is also a place where I practice ballet, jazz, ballroom dance and tap dance, The cheap tap clothes, cheap Jazz clothes, cheap ballet clothes, cheap tap dancing shoes, cheap jazz shoes and cheap ballet shoes that I ordered for my family from the Internet also arrived. These cheap tap dance clothes, cheap Jazz clothes, cheap ballet clothes, cheap tap dance shoes and cheap jazz dance shoes, Cheap ballet shoes provide props for the family's performance, and I'm happy with it. I have cheap tap dance clothes, cheap jazz dance clothes, cheap ballet clothes, cheap tap dance shoes, cheap jazz dance shoes, cheap ballroom dance shoes, We often hold all kinds of fight dance competitions. While exercising, we also cultivate Dance Aesthetics. At the same time, my grandfather takes part in dance training every day, and his body is getting healthier and healthier!

I also get the cheap dance shoes and cheap dance clothes from my friends stores,all my friend like to my home to take party in!They also give the cheap dancing shoes as gift!

So much beauty, infiltrating the sweat of our family, overflowing with the happiness of our family! Ah! Beautiful courtyard - my home!

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