Because she is my best friend

It was a story that happened in an orphanage in Vietnam. A bomb was thrown into the orphanage due to the indiscriminate bombing of planes, and several children and a staff member were killed. Several other children were injured. One of the little girls shed a lot of blood and was badly hurt!

Fortunately, a medical team came here soon after. There were only two people in the team, a female doctor and a female nurse.

The female doctor quickly gave first aid, but there was a problem with the little girl, because the little girl shed a lot of blood and needed blood transfusion, but there was no plasma available in the few medical supplies they brought. So the doctor decided to use local materials. She tested the blood of all the people present and finally found that several children had the same blood type as the little girl. However, the problem arose again, because the doctor and nurse could only speak a little Vietnamese and English, while the staff and children in the orphanage could only understand Vietnamese.

So the female doctor tried to tell the children in Vietnamese and a lot of gestures, "your friend is badly hurt. She needs blood, and you need to give her a blood transfusion!" Finally, the children nodded, as if they understood, but there was a trace of fear in their eyes!

No one said a word to the children, and no one raised their hands to show that they were willing to donate blood! The woman doctor didn't expect this to happen! Suddenly stunned, why did they refuse to donate blood to save their friends? Did they not understand what they had just said to them?

Suddenly, a small hand was raised slowly, but it was put down when it was just halfway up. After a while, it was raised again and never put down again!

The doctor was very happy. He immediately took the little boy to the temporary operating room and let him lie in bed. The little boy lay on the bed, looking at the needle slowly inserted into his small arm, watching his blood being pumped away bit by bit! Tears ran down my cheeks unconsciously. The doctor nervously asked if the needle hurt him. He shook his head. But the tears did not stop. The doctor was a little flustered at first, because she always thought there must be something wrong, but where was it? The needle can't hurt the child!

At the critical moment, a Vietnamese nurse rushed to the orphanage. The woman doctor told the Vietnamese nurse about the situation. Vietnamese nurses hurriedly lowered their bodies and talked with the children in bed. Not long after, the children broke their tears into laughter.

It turned out that those children had misunderstood the woman doctor's words, thinking that she was going to draw out a person's blood to save the little girl. The thought that he would die soon made the little boy cry! The doctor finally understood why no one had volunteered to donate blood just now! But she did not understand another thing. "Since he thought he would die after donating blood, why did he volunteer to donate blood?" The doctor asked the Vietnamese nurse.

So the Vietnamese nurse asked the little boy in Vietnamese. The little boy answered quickly and answered without thinking. The answer was very simple, only a few words, but it touched all the people present.

He said, "because she is my best friend!"

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