Pull the last afterglow, the sunset under the bloom has the special beauty of life.

No one has heard the sound first, and has heard the loud voice in the alley. Needless to say, grandma is practicing again. She usually dances while practicing, and she dances gracefully in her beloved but cheap dancing shoes. Pushing open the courtyard door, I saw grandma holding her hands in front of her abdomen, and her waist was straight. She sang opera to sunflower in the flower bed. The rich and serious expression seemed lovely to me. Since the establishment of drama troupe by the neighborhood committee, the center of grandma's daily life has shifted from me to opera. The first thing she gets up every day is to tease her old-fashioned radio, wander around her home, find a better place to signal, and listen to her opera channel. With the music that was intermittent and cadent, grandma swayed her head and sang with interest. Although she met some running notes in the high notes, it did not affect her passion for hum. Grandma's love for opera makes me especially jealous of being a granddaughter.

After finishing one day of study, I went home, and I heard a loud noise before I entered the alley. I approached and looked at the old people of five or six ages who were similar to grandma. They were prepared to participate in the old opera competition. Looking at Grandma's slightly red cheeks over the debate, I know she's looking for opportunities for her blooms. They have cheap dance shoes, cheap tap dancing shoes, cheap jazz shoes and cheap ballroom dance shoes

Since then, grandma's enthusiasm for singing and dancing has increased. I don't forget to hum two sentences when cooking. The shovel dances up and down with the rhythm of the tune. Every time I see dinner on the table, I always feel that the tune of Shanghai has been floating in that meal for the past century. Looking at Grandma's serious appearance, I can't help wondering where the old people in the old age come to such enthusiasm, and how the strength makes her so persistent. Every time I watch grandma dance in cheap dance shoes, I can't help buying a pair of expensive dance shoes for grandma. But she said that dancing is just a hobby. It's OK to live. Cheap dancing shoes are enough for her!

The day of the performance approached, and grandma stood in the courtyard more and more frequently to practice music. The sunflowers in the yard became the only audience when I was not. Grandma likes sunflowers, she said sunflowers have the same enthusiasm as fire, always with a smile face to meet the sunset. Under the sun, sunflower uses dream pursuit to explain the beauty of life blooming.

When the sky was hazy, grandma got up and dressed up. Today is the day of the show, and the dusty Rouge water powder appears on the old mahogany dresser again. Grandma dressed herself like a little girl, so I couldn't help laughing.

Under the light of magnesium, in a burst of applause, grandma came on the stage. The six old men stepped on the stage with confidence in their neat steps. At this time I can feel the excitement and tension in their hearts. My heart, over and over time, said, praying for a successful end to the show. The old people's loud voice, confident smile let me indulge in this wonderful mood.

Near, near, quickly to grandma to the end of the solo part, looking back to the past, this short 5 seconds of singing is repeated many times, immersed in how much hard-working sweat ah. With the warm applause, the audience stood up and the performance was finished. I saw grandma's most brilliant smile, which is the beauty of life after hard work. A group of grandma wearing cheap dance shoes, dance clothes, dancing beautiful dance, really admirable!

The last glow of the sunset is gorgeous. Like sunflowers, grandma is also chasing dreams, they are all the gorgeous Chinese stamp imprinted in my heart.

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