Both Mr. Chen and Mr. Luo love play badminton

Both Mr. Chen and Mr. Luo love play badminton. In the afternoon, after school, the two often make an appointment to play on the small playground. On the court, the two people waved their rackets. You came and I went. Mr. Chen likes to wear purple sports T-shirts, while Mr. Luo often wears sky blue jerseys. In the cool autumn, this pair of golfers are dressed brightly, prancing and lively, which is really eye pleasing. The senior high school students are just at the age when they are beginning to fall in love. They have been lying on the railing for a long time. They can't help but think: Mr. Luo and Mr. Chen seem to be falling in love with each other with rackets.

Mr. Chen is white and plump, with a clear voice, and his lectures are pleasant; Mr. Luo has two moustaches, a deep voice, and a strong body full of men's sex appeal. In terms of appearance, the two are quite compatible.

Mr. Chen is divorced and single, with a seven or eight year old son. Teacher Luo's son is a little older and in his teens. The trouble is that he is a married man. Luo Shimu became a vegetable by accident in her early years and lay in bed all day long. Teacher Luo is pulling his son and taking care of his wife. He has a straight face all the year round. He likes to wander in class. When he returns to his senses, he coughs in embarrassment and goes on.

As soon as Mr. Chen was transferred to this school, Mr. Luo became alive.

The students are divided into two groups. One group advocates that Teacher Luo and Teacher Chen love each other. The reason is that Teacher Luo has taken care of his wife for so many years and suffered so much that he should spend the rest of his life happily; Another school believes that Teacher Luo and Teacher Chen should not fall in love. Teacher Luo's mother is still alive, and Teacher Luo should focus on taking care of her for the rest of her life. The students argued for a year, but they didn't come to a conclusion. Mr. Luo and Mr. Chen did not know their argument. They still played and talked together, neither too close nor too distant.

Entering senior two, Luo Shimu died. The students sighed and the argument ended. In the class that day, Mr. Luo lost his mind again. When he came back, he threw the chalk on the desk, patted the chalk on his hand, and frankly said: "The students studied by themselves last time, and I went out to blow the breeze.".

The students talked stealthily, and the classroom was filled with a festive atmosphere. Mr. Luo excitedly holds a racket and waits for Mr. Chen to play on the playground every day. But Mr. Chen doesn't like sports as much as before. In senior three, the two teachers did not meet the students' expectations.

It was cold. Teachers Chen and Luo began to play badminton again. When Mr. Luo runs and jumps, he is as agile and powerful as a young man; When Mr. Chen looked at Mr. Luo, his eyes looked like a pool of spring water. But Mr. Luo's son beat Mr. Chen's son on his way to school.

In the second semester of senior three, it may be that the weather is hot or the work is too busy to see Mr. Chen and Mr. Luo playing football on the playground. The students are busy with the entrance examination and have no time to care about the teacher's love.

At the graduation party, Mr. Luo accidentally drank too much. His eyes were red and he shouted to the students sitting beside him: "It doesn't matter whether you can get into the university or not, you should go on the right road!"! Go the right way!

Under the influence of alcohol, Mr. Luo, who usually restrained himself, became a chatterbox: Do you know? My son, he hates me for not taking good care of his mother. I hurt him! The solemn words destroyed the farewell atmosphere of the party, and no one understood Mr. Luo's sadness. Mr. Luo drank another glass of wine and looked at these children in their prime of life alone.

On holiday, Mr. Chen held his racket and waited for Mr. Luo to come out to play on the playground. But Mr. Luo seldom responded. His back was straight and straight, and he was a little bent.

A few years later, the students returned to their alma mater to see their teachers. Teacher Luo became an old man and a half. He wore his son's old clothes and walked with his back and hands. Teacher Chen has become the school leader. She no longer has spring water in her eyes, but has a pool of water. Only when she sees Teacher Luo can she feel warm again.

The two men are still alone, but they don't play together anymore.

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