Break a cocoon and become a butterfly. After suffering, there is a beautiful rebirth

How can you have a firm and brave heart without suffering? How can one bear the heavy responsibility entrusted by the times without experiencing the tempering of setbacks? It can be said that jade is not cut into stone, which is an eternal truth. And this "three trips to the countryside" is like a battle, giving us the first experience in our life. After breaking the cocoon into a butterfly, the pain is followed by a beautiful rebirth.

At the seminar, everyone expressed their opinions and spoke freely, and carried out the next division of labor and cooperation. I also began to prepare to forge a sword for the expedition. On the second day of the activity, with the rising sun, I started a busy day. Although my understanding of Suixi Yanggan was blank, it did not dampen my enthusiasm. Around the keyword of agricultural machinery, I began to search and opened one link after another. I browsed one web page after another and edited paragraph after paragraph of text. From confusion to clarity, from ignorance to understanding, across the screen, I can already feel the freshness of the soil, and I know more about the rural customs, which is simple, fresh and natural different from the city. I understand that this activity is not only to experience life with curiosity, but more importantly, each of us can fulfill our mission and make gratifying achievements.

As a student at school, this is the first time that I have left books, contacted the society, went down to the countryside, and felt the hardships of life under the scorching sun. All these have filled me with excitement. At the same time, I also have some worries. After all, I have never really entered the society and do not understand the various forms of life. How can I adapt to it? How can I make the best of my ability? I know that many members of the practice group have rich experience, even the predecessors of the last practice group. This makes me dare not slow down my progress, but also strengthens my determination: I must contribute my strength to the team.

After a day's struggle, I finally got something. When consulting the materials, I learned that the current situation in rural areas is still not optimistic. Although the state gives strong support to rural areas every year, the backward thinking and its own attraction are not enough, and the backward situation in rural areas has been difficult to change. I hope that while investigating the use of agricultural machinery, we can find more problems and truly help farmers. Bao Jianfeng comes from whetting and plum blossom comes from bitter cold. I understand that speculation is not enough. I look forward to the arrival of the day when I go to the countryside.

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