Whenever my mind goes back to the years I spent with my friends, I always seem to touch the beautiful time with a touch of bitterness.

Every miss can become a hasty gathering, but also in a hurry to go their separate ways. No matter how the years evolve, those experiences together will be the most beautiful poems of our friendship, which are deeply engraved in our hearts.

I still remember the year when my brothers met each other in college. It was a season when the tail was still on in summer and the head was still emerging in autumn. There were still cicadas chirping in autumn all over the campus. The heat wave in the air still evaporated strong enthusiasm. All climatic factors formed a strong unity with the strong and tense university dream. That year, the city became very prosperous because of the Olympic Games, This place has become a sea of flowers and a dream. Beauty and charm coexist with extreme longing. We met in this ancient and tempting city in such a hot and bleak season, and started our journey destined to struggle together in a corner on the edge of that big city.

The hometown of several places, a common campus, each with their own dreams, a dormitory for eight people, a few bottles of mellow beer, and a few words of greetings have become an extension of friendship in the future and a beautiful past recalled in the future. I clearly remember that when we first came here, we were confused and full of hope. We started our college life with a young face that didn't fade away from high school, with the rebellious pride we should have had at the age of 18, and with a few words that didn't know how to communicate with people. Due to the lack of experience in life planning and basic life at the beginning, and the "profligacy" in food, life before the winter vacation of freshman fell into a "difficult period" and we didn't dare to ask the family members who had already borne our expensive tuition fees for living expenses. However, there were no acquaintances in the city, so we had to stick to it in the end by saving. Therefore, several dormitory friends began to live a collective life of instant noodles. Kang erling, Yang Erxi, brother Ma, Zhang Feng, a Wang, brother Rui, and I, each of whom has only a few tens of yuan in his pocket, have to hold on for a month and have to tighten his belt. Let's be better. Brother Ma has no money because of something. We can only collectively put together a share of money that can only buy a bucket of instant noodles. Sometimes we can add a steamed bun. In addition to going to school at ordinary times, we just nest in the dormitory to reduce energy consumption, Sometimes a novel is the food for the soul. Reading it attentively can instantly forget hunger. This story happened on a modern materialistic college campus, which may not be believed by many people, but it did happen in a dormitory in this prosperous city, in the ignorant youth of our brothers. Brother Ma, would you cry if you could see this commemorative essay? I think you will. This is an unforgettable time. Without this experience, we might not have grown up in the valley. Without this time of sharing weal and woe, we might not have sincere friendship with each other. Without this difficult time, we might have lost another meaning of youth.

The snow brought a cold winter, which seemed to indicate the arrival of the winter holiday. We hurried onto the train home with the thoughts of missing our family for a long time. My brothers had a few small departures. It seemed that there was not much to give up at that time. They were just a natural wave. As for the joy of the new year, I think everyone could not experience each other! When the fireworks disappear, indicating that the year is over, we get together again. At the moment of meeting each other, we are happily sharing the joy of going home, as if we can't finish talking

When the spring breeze blows a hundred flowers and green willows, the garden is full of brilliant flowers. The fragrance pervades the whole garden. Butterflies are dancing in the flowers, bees are playing on the stamens, and the warm sunshine is shining on the windowsill of the dormitory. On weekends of such a beautiful time, we always hold up a book, take a walk in the fragrant garden, read, and sometimes our brothers and sisters come together to share a humor that has forgotten their name, Laughter scattered in the green shadow, but happiness gathered in my heart. At that time, brother Rui would not walk in this fragrant garden. He had already galloped on the playground. Wearing a football jersey, his expressive actions looked very natural and unrestrained. Then, your basketball technical brothers would be jealous ( They would also be proud of you. If you could see this commemorative essay, Can you still remember the scene when my brothers shouted and cheered for you on the basketball court? Can you still remember the confidence hidden behind your arrogant and unruly character?

In addition, during the time when Kang erling worked in the factory for work study program, it was an extremely cold winter. In order to experience life and save living expenses, we put aside our thoughts and concerns about home and gave up going home for the new year. In such an extremely cold winter, we encouraged each other to go out early and return late. We went to work in an ice warehouse with a temperature of more than 20 degrees below zero, just for the tens of dollars we could maintain our lives, We stayed together with the unyielding character of young people until the end. We resisted the cold with the burning passion of youth. We spent an unforgettable year in a foreign land with sincere encouragement and smiles. Kang erling, if you see this commemorative essay, I think you must have a fresh memory of that period of persistence, and you must have a different experience of that particularly cold winter!

If every growth is accompanied by painful experiences, many growth is also full of bitter tears, but they can not fall down. Falling down represents a compromise to hardship, but forbearance is another kind of strength. Ah Wang and Yang Erxi, you should have a deep understanding or empathic experience of this sentence. During those days of internship together, we really seemed to have endured the bitterness of blood and tears. We worked 12 hours a day with little pay and repeated the work of several people all day in a highly exhausted environment. How many times did we encourage ourselves with our cracked but clenched trembling lips, We encouraged each other, resisted the surging between our eyebrows, and put away the weakness on the other side of the bookish spirit. We persisted with the strength of smiling in the face of difficulties. Ah Wang and Yang Erxi, if you read this commemorative essay, you will feel the hard years. We did not shrink back in those years. Even if we received only a few material returns in those years, we shared the encouragement, The brotherhood of mutual refueling is like a clear spring that flows in our hearts forever. Whenever suffering strikes, it can always comfort our hearts that are not weak. It always reminds us of the strong blue sky held up by faith.

Every time we get together, it seems that we can hear the ripples aroused by the past in the collision sound of the wine cup. We also have a reincarnation in the ripples of the time we have spent together in those years, talking about life and ideals together, encouraging each other together, and making fun of each other. Sometimes, some fragments of the past can inexplicably bring a little sadness, It was impossible to tell whether it was because of the hardship of the years or because of the brotherhood. Now, in order to live, we have fewer children. Zhang Feng, you left very early. It seems that the separation that year has become a road of no return. We understand you, but the missing is deep in the hearts of brothers. I wish you take care of yourself far away. No matter the thousands of rivers and mountains, you can't cut off the friendship that you used to get along with your brothers.

In a flash, those experiences with my brothers have become yesterday. The time that won't go back can't erase the memory, nor change the experience. The only thing that can stay in my heart is the unforgettable story precipitation in those years. There is no feast that never ends. People always have to walk with many people for a period of time in their life, but no one will accompany them forever. When the inescapable life needs us to undertake, we can only give up a period of time and start another life. No matter how the brothers go in the future, as long as we remember the youth we have walked together, I think, beautiful memories must permeate the whole life.

The past events scattered over the years have become the most sincere friendship in our hearts, and have evolved into unforgettable memories

This essay commemorates the brothers who shared joys and sorrows together in the four years of the University. May you all have a bright future and walk out of a Golden Avenue on the road of life!

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