Children are happy to visit the village

July 5, 2017 is the sixth day of our "blooming summer" three rural social practice team to Shiqiao primary school. The students of Shiqiao primary school have finished the final exam, so we continue to teach the course of primary school today. At the same time, today is also the day for children in kindergartens to visit the village.

The head of the kindergarten and the teachers organized the children of the whole kindergarten to visit the village, and I and several other young teachers followed to assist in the village activities. Because there are four classes in the kindergarten, it is divided into four teams. Each team is led by a kindergarten teacher, and we assist next to the queue.

The children held the clothes of the previous child and the hands of the children next to them to form a line, and the village tour began. Along the way, children often lose their shoes, so some teammates follow the team to pick up shoes and help them put them on; Some children didn't hold their friends' clothes and hands well, which led to the disconnection of the queue. We helped them hold them well. We watch over the children and remind them to pay attention to the water and stones on the road to prevent them from slipping or falling.

On the way back, we stopped in a small park. The kindergarten teacher asked the children to play various fitness and entertainment facilities. We play seesaw, waist twister, stroller with children... And ensure their safety. Children and teachers interact frequently and have a lot of fun!

Happy times are always short. When it comes time to go back to kindergarten, the children are reluctant to part with it and want to continue playing. But under the persuasion of the teacher, the children still lined up and went back to the kindergarten.

Our village tour activities have shortened the distance between teachers and students, and also let everyone know more about Shiqiao village.

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