Clothes are like friends

I received a package - a beautiful down jacket. It was sent by an unknown writer. I don't even know my name. I just met them on the forum because they like to write miscellaneous articles and are happy to post some praise or criticism after those words.

Wondering, I finally remembered. In January this year, I wrote an article about birds to the effect that my 10-year-old daughter never wore a down jacket because I only bought her a cotton padded jacket, which is both warm and environmentally friendly. I thought those down were made of bird feathers, and refusing to wear down was a good friend to save mankind. I didn't expect this writer to make fun of me at the back of the article: where is the down jacket made of bird hair? If so, she wants me to buy one. She told me that down is made of duck feather or goose feather. I was skeptical, so I went to "Baidu" online for a while, as she said. Ashamed, I immediately posted an apology and thanks at the back of the article. At the same time, I also revised and processed the article.

Of course, since then, we have only made comments on right and wrong at the back of our articles, and there has been little communication. I asked her for her QQ number, but she declined on the ground that she was not used to QQ chat. Asked her name, she said that the "Qin Xiaozhuo" registered on the forum was her name. I guess these three words are just a net name, but I can't find a reason, so I have to be dubious.

In fact, I had a vague feeling that she was an outstanding person. From the thought sparks reflected in each of her articles, from her posts and replies to everyone. Even the title of her unique articles gives people a feeling of full personality.

One day, on a whim, I strung the titles of all her articles in a period of time into a story and posted it on the forum. Her reaction was: laughing. Happy as a child. But it caused the "vinegar fire" of another of my literary friends, who is also a QQ chat friend. It should be said that my story was lively and interesting, and the words were fluent and comfortable. Although there are some elements of the game, it is also serious to use emotion.

Since then, we have sent some text messages to each other on the forum from time to time, but there is no deeper communication and understanding.

I asked my daughter's QQ number again on the excuse that she wanted to chat with her and thank her. She still said: the forum is the most quiet, clean and free; QQ is boring. What else can I say about this?

However, the package list revealed a lot of information: work unit, detailed address, telephone number and real name. "Qin Xiao", how poetic! How clumsy! Like all her words. It seems that there is not much distance between the network and reality.

It was once said that clothes are like friends. I appreciate this seemingly ordinary sentence. One cannot live without clothes. This piece of clothes from thousands of miles away branded with the ancient and simple folk customs of Pengcheng is a good friend. I took it and made a friend.

A bosom friend is enough in life. I don't know if such a friend is a confidant, but I've already been satisfied.

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