Country children learn ballet dance

Country children learn ballet dance

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The country children learn ballet dance, there are too many difficulties, fortunately, they insist on it
Lucy, deputy director of ballet Department of dance college, has won numerous famous ballet dancers. One day, he told his friends, "I want to teach rural girls the most pure ballet." My friend laughed and said, "are you crazy? It's just a fantasy! Ballet originated from European courts, and it was noble dance since its birth. " "I just want to show you that rural children can enjoy elegant art," he said

In March 2013, Lucy and her husband Carter went to the school in the small mountain village in the mountains. Since then, every Sunday, the children of the farm have danced ballet on the ridge of the field. They had a swan dream, and they went to the stage of the national major art party. Three of them took part in art colleges and Universities Ballet has made rural children have better posture, temperament and taste, and lead their eyes and footprints to the world.

"I'm not a dad, but you're the teacher's baby"

Lucy said that first of all, thanks to the Dance Fund, which built a dance classroom that meets international standards, and then found Lucy: "come on, you two couples, and give you 500 yuan each class." "I wanted to teach my children ballet in the countryside long ago. We don't need money," Lucy said

Lucy's husband Carter is also a dancer, a member of the association of dancers and a freelance director. On March 24, 2013, they entered the village of Xiaoshan.

In the first class, parents asked: "teacher, what is ballet? What is the use of our country girls learning it? " Lucy didn't know how to answer such a question for a while, and she thought about it and said, "the rural girls learn ballet, it will be more beautiful and marry in the future." The parents laughed in a coax.

Lucy found that girls in rural areas were generally less confident. His first lesson taught us to comb their hair, to set up their hair and to make a bun unique to ballet dancers. The bright forehead was revealed, and the girls looked in the mirror and immediately became spiritual.

But confidence is not just about combing your hair to change.

Like most villages, the young and strong villagers here work outside, and only the old and children are left in the family. Therefore, most children are left behind children.

On Mother's Day 2013, Lucy organized a party for students, and the children sang "mother in the candle.". A six-year-old girl sang and cried. Lucy asked her, "Why are you crying?" "My grandfather is dead, and no one will take me to see my mom and dad again." "Where is mom and dad?" "They are rich in the city."

Lucy understood, and this is another left behind child.

Dareen was very humble, entered the classroom of ballet class, and saw that one of the students here is more beautiful than one, and she looked at everyone in fear. Lucy took her into the schoolmate, hoping Darlene could get in. However, she accidentally found that the students soon pushed her out, and also covered their nose, the face of the face of contempt. After knowing, she knew that Dalin had been urinating bed, cleaning herself and smelling. She was discriminated against.

Lucy announced that she would stop dancing and have a class meeting. "She is very lovely, the teacher loves her, and you should love her as much as the teacher loves you." The children understood the teacher's intention. They ran over and took dareen down and taught her to dance.

June 1 children's Day arrived, Lucy and Carter led the whole class to play in the city. Playing drum and flower games, dareen won the prize, a small book, Lucy wrote on it: you are our baby.

From then on, Darlene was happy.

At 11 a.m., Lucy received a message: "teacher, may I call your mother?" The money is dareen.

Lucy attached great importance to the text message and discussed with her husband what to do. "These babies are trying to dance with all their strength to keep us. They are so bitter without their parents around," Carter said The last two agreed that: "we teach not ballet, but love."

At the class meeting the next day, Lucy knelt on her knees and said to the children sitting on the floor: "I appreciate the trust of a classmate. However, I am just your teacher. I will not be the mother of one of the students. I am the mother of all the students in the class. You can call me Lucy mother later, and call Carter father Carter."

Kneeling on both or one knee is a position they often use when communicating with children. They use this kind of equality in their eyes, so that these rural children feel respect and feel the high-end scale of modern civilization leaping out of dance steps.

The ugly duckling in the village turned into a white swan. Dareen and her classmates put on stockings, toe shoes and a "date" of elegant art from 10:00 to 15 a.m. on Sunday.

The country children are more simple, close to nature, in fact, they are close to art. Their ability of perception is particularly strong, and they can suffer especially hard, so they make progress very fast. It took half a year for the children to stand up their toes and dance lightly. They have mastered French ballet terms, even formed international civilization and etiquette, and formed a different temperament from ordinary urban children, pure and fresh.

By the end of 2013, dareen had learned the four little swans completely, and they made a report performance on the first anniversary of the school establishment in Xiaoshan village.

The music began to sound, and a white Darlene danced with her partners. Whether it is the teacher or the parents, they have opened their surprised eyes: "the smallest swan is not that the little girl who diapers the Kang?" "It's her, it's her!"

Jumping in the field of hope
Ballet, the girl with humpback straightened up

Ravi was also the first group of ballet students in 2013. She was in grade six when the little sisters of ballet class chose her as monitor.

When Lucy visited her family, her mother told Guan Guan: "I led her brothers and sisters to live by myself, and worked for a clothing factory to make five yuan. She worked day and night. She could only earn 6700 yuan a month. In recent years, her grandparents were paralyzed in bed, and I was even more difficult this day. She cooks for grandma's house every day after she finishes her homework, helps me do work, washes clothes and takes care of her brother. When I do it, she will follow me to a few points. "

Tired and inferiority, RAVIE sat down in class, bent over, the teacher looked at her, she lowered her head, like made any mistake. Over time, she hunched. She heard that ballet can cure humpback, so she came to sign up.

Mom made a space in the narrow Westinghouse to dance. She came back from school, wrote her homework quickly, and then practiced. In her spare time, she gathered all of us together, practiced the lessons left by the teacher over and over again, and corrected each other. Everyone commented on it, usually for one day. After the training, she asked each student to call and ask her parents to answer. Watching everyone get taken away, she herself but wipe sweat, continue to practice.

Winter came, one day, outside under snow, Ravi dance to dance big hair, then ran out of the house to quickly rotate. Suddenly, she fell heavily on the ground because of excessive fatigue. Mother raised her, advised: "girl, let's rest, tomorrow will practice." "Mom, don't mind me, I see the rainbow, I see the White Swan..." "Mother said," this child, pure blind, how can't I see it? "

The magic effect of ballet art has come into being. RAVIE found confidence in the dance and she went into another world.

One morning half a year later, she suddenly found ravy's back straight up. He cried excitedly, "oh my God, is that true?" Ravi said to him, "it's true. Miss Guan, I think ballet is very beautiful. I am, to be a white swan! " "Well, you're going to fly high!"

For three years, Lucy and Carter have become family members of the children

Discover genius, husband and wife help Swan take off

Children in Xiaoshan village have no floor mirrors at home, so it is difficult to find a decent floor. However, these dolls have created the miracle of ballet history. They can "take off" anywhere on the ridge, on the deck, in the yard in the village. Weekly inspection is about surprise to find out the progress of children.

Nala, a dance genius discovered by the Lucy and her husband, is the best in both image and performance. Think about it already, and push the child to a higher level.

At the end of 2014, Lucy took Nala with Lucy, who was invited to teach in the classical art lecture hall at the National Grand Theatre.

In class, Lucy said to everyone, "you only know the Central Ballet, but do you know the children in rural China? My ballet students. "

The audience was stunned. At this time, Nala came on the stage in a dress designed for her by Miss Lucy. She performed the blue bird segment in sleeping beauty. In the music, Manara danced like a fairy. People are shocked. Is this a rural child? What surprised them even more was that after the performance, the performance was finished, and the performance was conducted on the spot to test the legs of maryue. The standard of ballet dancer was that the calf was 12 cm longer than the thigh, and that mayue was 18 cm longer. This is a very good condition.

Lucy decided to send Nala to a professional college, and could apply to the Central Ballet and dance academy, and did not.

On the day she came from the dance academy examination room, Lucy prepared a rich dinner party at home, and bought new tablecloth, flowers and ballet crystal ball. After Nala entered the house, the couple hugged her separately. Lucy said, "Nala, welcome home." "You're admitted early and evening, boy," Carter said. "The teacher helps you." Nala's eyes were red and red. She never thought that the teacher would treat her country child so warmly.

Lucy and her husband and wife lived in Xiaoshan village for half a month, and compiled works showing the children's desire and ideal. The theme of the work is "dream becomes a beautiful white swan". This is just like the ballet babies in Xiaoshan village, who are confident to move towards the future with the nourishment of artistic power. At the end of the dance, nine swans and all the ugly duckling fly on the stage, meaning that the children fly up and pursue higher dreams. The name of the work is the dream of ugly duckling.

On August 26, 2016, Nala and her colleagues welcomed the provincial dance competition. The dream of ugly duckling won two prizes at one stroke: one is Creation Award and the other is performance award.

"It's a genius kid, I hope someone will take her," Lucy shouted, pushing her to the front of the camera At this time, the head of ballet dance school called: "Miss Lucy, now we inform you that we will not try to take her."

The village of hill is full of joy. But after the joy, the Nara family soon died down - the dance school tuition cost 20000 yuan a year, while the horse family could only pay 2000 yuan.

Lucy worked, and he started using social software crowdfunding. The majority of netizens are in favor of each other, and the two-day time raised 40000$, which solved the tuition problem of two years.

She went out with Nala, and EVA and sand, who were enrolled in the art vocational college.

Now, the old students begin to learn the teacher's appearance and give full guidance to the new students
"No, you look good. You are the teacher's Black Pearl."

"What's your name?" asked Lucy, as she walked carefully into the dance class "My name is Xiaohei," she replied timidly Lucy said, "what's the name?" "I'm black." The child so candidly said his inferiority, is about listening to special heartache.

After class, the head teacher of Sava said, "this child always thinks that she is not good-looking. She is poor in her family, and she relies on grasshopper to keep her life. Three children, she also takes two sisters She is unhappy and seldom laughs. The students call her "girl who can't laugh."

Another Sunday arrived, and in the first class, Carter wore a string of black pearl necklace.

Katie asked Sava, "Sava, do you think this necklace is beautiful?" "Beautiful," she said "The teacher likes black pearl most, Sava, you are the teacher's Black Pearl," Carter said Sharva's tears burst into her face.

From then on, the sharva who can't laugh will laugh. But after a few days of laughter, she stopped laughing. Originally, 50 $ a pair of dance shoes, dad only gave 20 $. She stood there stupidly, at a loss. Kate quietly put 50 $ out of the school office, and said to sharva, "children, go to the school office to get the money." Looking back, Lucy said to her husband, "after that, no more money, we will raise it, and don't be difficult for children."We will redeay the cheap dance shoes and cheap dance clothes for them.

In June 2017, she was admitted to art school. She had another problem with the tuition fee of 5000 $. Mother got breast cancer is chemotherapy, father no longer raise grasshopper, external debt 150000 $. "She said to her, don't be afraid, the teacher must let you go to school."

Back in the city, Lucy told the story of Eve in an adult dance class he taught. He said affectionately, "can you help the child with your hands? Helping children is helping our country. " At this time, a kind aunt out of money, said: "I give 10000 $, for the children to school, the rest for her mother to treat the disease."

"After graduation, I will go back to the village, like you, teach our children in Xiaoshan village to dance ballet," she told the girl, who got the money and was full of tears

For four years, Lucy has been travelling nearly 350 kilometers every Sunday. The children of Xiaoshan village have made rapid progress in the level of village ballet, which is called "ballet on the ridge" by the outside world. Their dance jumped into the National Grand Theatre, TV station and satellite TV station, and also reported to the guests on major occasions for many times.

Ballet changed the girls in Xiaoshan village. They not only loved beauty, but also understood civilization and etiquette, and became more elegant. "Helping the countryside to solve food and clothing is a way to help the poor, and the art community should have its own way," Lucy said. Rural children have poor spiritual life. In addition to watching TV, they play with their children. Dancing makes children beautiful, confident and self-control, which is better than wandering around the village and watching people play mahjong. "

Nowadays, when the girls in bun and pink ballet training clothes are running in the fields and jumping on the boats, the Northern Pearl of Xiaoshan village is more bright

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