Crazy season

---Chapter 1: Crazy clouds---

The gentleman with a long beard sat on the bench, half squinting, and kept counting with the fingertip of his right hand. After a calculation, his eyes widened and his face was full of surprise. His eyes focused on the dark faces of the two boys in front of him. The two childish brothers, as high as the table, were his brother Su Youjun; Younger brother Youhua is only a little higher than the bench. Standing for a long time makes him feel very difficult. A pair of small feet are stamping the ground, tooting his mouth, shaking his body from side to side, and staring at his mother all the time.

Mr. Wang glanced back and forth between their eyebrows for a long time, then picked up their hands in turn, carefully looked at the lower palmprint, and then waved. Fang Yiyun, the mother sitting at the small square table, pulled the two children back to the room, closed the door, then leaned back to the square table and whispered, "Sir, do you see anything?"

"Sister-in-law, to tell you the truth, the two children have different lives. This family is really hard for you." the gentleman said with emotion and tap dance shoes.

"Sir, if you have something to say, please don't worry." although the mother said it easily, her heart was already in her throat when she heard the tone of Mr. destiny.

Mr. pointed to the note with the child's name and time on the table, "both are good children! The second will have a robbery and a big robbery when he grows up. He expects you to support him for the rest of his life; as for the boss..."

"What's the matter with the boss?" Fang Yiyun heard that, and the goose bumps on his second son had already started.

"Boss..." Mr. paused, "please forgive me for being frank, sister-in-law, you have to be mentally prepared. It's the fate of a white man to send a black man and cheap tap dance shoes !"

"Is there any way to save the lives of the two brothers?" Fang Yiyun was overwhelmed by the sudden answer.

"It's the cause of the past life and the result of the present life. There's a definite number of things you can do, but you can't break it. The so-called rescue is nothing more than helping you avoid the first day of the new year and wait until the 15th day. My sister-in-law is an honest man. I don't care about ordinary Jianghu deception. I don't care about it and don't want to use it. What I say is from my heart. Please forgive me for my poor skills. I'll leave now." Mr. said and stood up.

Fang Yiyun quickly took out a one yuan bill from his pocket and stuffed it into his hand. He opened the cabinet door in the corner and took out a pre wrapped small cloth bag and cheap tap shoes from inside. "Sir, there are a little rice and a few eggs in it. There are only these left at home. Please don't dislike it."

Mr. Li made a pretence, accepted it, bowed and turned away. Close the door, Fang Yiyun sat on the bench. Soon after her husband was born in Youhua, she died of illness. She was a female and raised two children. The bitterness is self-evident. Born in the war years, she had been displaced under guns, experienced the founding of the Republic, and suffered three years of famine. Her dependent husband died prematurely. There was no word "happiness" in her dictionary. It is said that she can set 80 at the age of three. She just wants to help the children make a life, so as to attract a little clear hope for the future of the family. At the moment, she deeply regretted it.

In the ten years of the cultural revolution, the family survived in such a turbulent atmosphere. He was born in poverty, had no property in his family, and followed the crowd. If he was not strong enough, the three members of the family should keep peace. Although it was hard enough, it was not difficult. That was 1977. Although Fang Yiyun had been very strict with the children, that year, he found that the behavior of the eldest friend began to become a little strange.

You Jun, who is in his early twenties, is not tall, but he has a pair of iron muscles and bones. Halfway through middle school, he dropped out of school and tap shoes and became an apprentice with master he, a blacksmith, to help lighten his mother's burden. In that era when slogans were flying all over the sky and mountains and rivers were red, he knew that if he read a book or not, he would still be the same in the end. Sixty cents a day's income, combined with the mother's, is only enough for the family. As a vigorous young man, everyone hopes to break into a world. But when he swings the hammer day after day, his enthusiasm slowly dies in the sound of "Dangdang Dang". Like most people in that era, he is confused.

From small to large, he never ate less. In those days when full food was considered extravagant, it was already a bumper year to eat a white flour steamed bread on the first day of some new year. There is also a brother to take care of at home. We should not only prevent outsiders from bullying, but also help our mother share the housework. He could not forget the most difficult period. The family ate wild vegetables, chicken feed and drank water from the textile factory; He couldn't forget a pear he picked from a tree. He didn't want to eat it. His brother ate it. Finally, he picked up the Sydney core thrown on the ground and washed it before eating. Qingku is the main theme of almost every family.

Master he's relatives in Hong Kong brought back many items that had never been seen in the mainland, including a pair of white sneakers and tap dance shoes for his son. Youjun had never seen such beautiful shoes and cheap tap dancing shoes . He held them in his hand and kept turning them. His eyes were full of envy. Although the life span of those imported sneakers is only two weeks, and the bottom of the sneakers slowly falls off layer by layer, Shifu's son just ties them up from the middle of the shoes with a rope and continues to wear them... His own family wears black cotton shoes in winter and big head cool shoes in summer, and there are dense patches on them. He hopes to give them to himself and his family, Buy a pair of sneakers like that. He made up his mind to go out for a break.

Although a mother doesn't know her son's every move, she can definitely detect something different. Since childhood, she has been very strict with her son. She hopes Youjun can stay with her all the time and the whole family will share joys and sorrows. As for the underlying reason, she didn't tell anyone. Under her repeated questioning, finally one day, Youjun 'Putong' knelt down in front of her.

"Mom, I'm determined to go outside. Please don't stop me, will you?" Youjun's eyes are red.

"Child, where are you going? A family is a family together." Fang Yiyun's tears swirled.

"Mom, I'm going to Hong Kong. Only when I go there can I have a chance to realize my dream."

"No, you know how dangerous it is to sneak into China? You've not landed yet. You'll be killed at any time. Absolutely not!" Fang Yiyun said decisively.

"Don't we eat too little at home? Since it's so hard everywhere, why don't you let me fight back? Mom, how tired you've been in this family for so many years, don't I know, son? I'm going for the future of this family. Can't we eat enough and wear well? That's called happiness, mom?"

"No, just be honest with me, or don't recognize me as a mother!" no one knows the truth, but she never dares to take the risk.

In the days to come, you Jun was like a walking corpse in front of his mother, drooping his head and without any spirit; Secretly, he kept asking his friends about the way of smuggling; After work, I went to the garbage dump of the metal processing plant to steal the valuable waste copper and sell it to save the road expenses.

During this time, Fang Yiyun lived like a year. Should he let the children continue with the misfortunes of his life? She often asks herself, sleepless all night. For an uncertain curse, do you have to tie the child around for a lifetime? Children know the bitterness of being a mother, but who can really understand Liao!

There are no walls around the house. Where can there be a secret to hide? When she was cleaning the children, she saw debris with wall ash at the head of Youjun's bed. She shook several square bricks beside the pillow carefully, and one of them could be pulled out. Half the volume of that green brick was broken. Buried in the wall is the money saved by Youjun, wrapped in oil paper. It starts with 3 yuan, then 15 yuan and 28 yuan. Fang Yiyun never said a word, and she herself was in a fierce ideological struggle. As more and more travel expenses are saved, a compass and a hand-painted map also appear in the "safe". The eagle has plump wings and always wants to fly. How can an old cage be closed? Fang Yiyun finally bit his teeth and put an old jade tied with a red rope in the oil paper

---Chapter II: Crazy rain---

In Guangdong that year, smuggling was nothing new. 90% of the older boys who suddenly disappeared mysteriously for a period of time were involved in this. It's just a state law. It's not a matter of honoring the ancestors, so many family members are carrying out it secretly. It is often heard in private that the children of which family have been smuggled into China several times in a row and have been intercepted and repatriated on the way; For those repatriated, they also bring more information, such as their own failure experience, the scene of electric rod attack in the detention center, and the bloody description of their peers' sacrifice on the journey... All the profiles, on the one hand, obstruct a group of people who want to drift away or not to go, But at the same time, it also provides real information for other people who are determined to take this road.

Ten years of wasted time has left indelible scars on everyone in it. An increasingly stable government needs the common people to work together and pay more patience; However, some people who have suffered a lot yearn for food, clothing and prosperity as soon as possible. After all, there are few golden decades in their lives. It was an age full of contradictions, a time when ideals were trampled on by life. In the mid and late 1970s, the Hong Kong government's "arrival" policy also gave stowaways a space to fight. Su Youjun is one of the millions of people who have been pounding the tight defense lines between China and Hong Kong.

At the moment, he was hiding in a large pond not far from the border, covered with reeds. The dark green pool water and the fishy smell made it difficult for him to breathe. After three days and four nights of circuitous running, he felt extremely tired. He had never left home, relying on a compass and a map, he had climbed through barbed wire over the past few days, through countless mountains and forests, avoiding layers of border guard posts. Young people traveling along the way and in the same direction gathered and scattered... The knee deep mud under his feet made him unable to move, and the barking of dogs nearby reminded him of everything he insisted on, It's only one step away. At the moment, all he needs is to continue to endure, although he has maintained a position for more than 8 hours.

You Jun closed his eyes and accumulated energy. He remembered his mother's tears when he knelt and said goodbye. The sound of mosquitoes flying in his ears was the farewell of his loving mother. It was a dark night. In the middle of the night, a layer of mist blew over the water, and then there were bean sized raindrops... The dense running sound of "Deng Deng, Deng Deng" rushed towards the border line. I don't know where to hide those people. At this time, they ran out of their bunkers one after another. The opportunity was fleeting, and you Jun quickly jumped out of the water and quickly followed... Behind him were shouts, barks, gunshots, screams mixed with the sound of rain... His mind was empty, and all he heard was the wind.

After crossing the border of the motherland, avoiding the searchlights and interception of the British side, Youjun, who ran all night, finally successfully arrived in Hong Kong‘ "Reach base" means that we must reach the urban area of Hong Kong, and before that, there is still a long way to hide. He opened his hands, raised his head and breathed the wet sea breeze. He knew that he would be able to walk!

After arriving at base, you Jun came to meet him. He Huai, the youngest brother of the master, had met each other. In Hong Kong, where there is a lot of land and a lot of money, he was arranged to stay in a cage house. After receiving the temporary residence certificate, he worked at he Huai's seafood wholesale store.

He has never seen such dazzling neon lights, so many high-rise cars and so tempting clothes and cheap tap shoes  and temples in a metropolis. When night fell, whenever he returned to the closed cage crowded with 40 or 50 people and breathed the stench bred in the damp, he couldn't help wondering, is this the way he chose? The fishy smell of seafood that could not be washed clean reminded him from time to time that this was the day he had to bite his teeth. In this colorful metropolis, he was like a dust and insignificant.

Shengji seafood, located at the end of seafood street, has a business area of more than 30 square meters, most of which are seafood pools, and the business is usually passable. The store hired 5.6 guys, mostly from the mainland. Su Youjun is the most junior inside. Naturally, he is responsible for the types of work in the lower column, and the rest are responsible for receiving orders, facade and delivery. The monthly salary of HK $1000 is more than 100 times higher than that in the mainland. In addition to the relatively high expenses, temporarily forget to sleep in the same bed as a prison every day. Aside from the dusty sense of inferiority, you Jun is excited simply from the time of salary.

The marine climate is always erratic. On a muggy afternoon before the monsoon, three uninvited guests came to the seafood store. The man in front was a little short and fat. He was wearing a large lapel flower shirt, lined with a big bell bottomed trousers and a bad smile. As soon as he entered the door, he said, "boss he, business is good!" followed by two strong men, dressed in dark suits, stood outside the door with forked hands and didn't enter.

He Huai frowned when he saw these people. He raised his hand and motioned the fat man to speak forward. He took out an envelope from the counter and handed it to the fat man. The fat man opened the envelope, looked at it, took it, and then said to he Huai with a smile, "my brother, my godmother's birthday in a few days, and my second wife's birthday at the end of the month, isn't it also meaningful?"

He Huai looked embarrassed and whispered a few words with the fat man. The fat man gradually put away his smile. "Shit, do you propose a toast or not? Don't be shameless." the fat man's language was threatening. The two people outside also came in and stood behind the fat man.

"Brother, I pay the insurance on time every month. I've never neglected you. But I also have old people, young people to feed, and a group of friends from the mainland to take care of. It's hard to do business. Is it polite and accommodating..." before he Huai finished his words, the fat man winked, picked up the teapot on the counter, and slammed it on he Huai's head with blood, Fall back and sit in a chair; One of them behind him drew a long knife from his waist and slashed it on the counter, "Whoever dares to come up will be cut to death!"; On the other hand, he picked up the bench in the store and began to smash the fish tank

Just then, a figure flashed beside the crowd‘ Bang ', Youjun punched the man who had just pulled out the knife on his temple, and the man fell down without saying a word; The man who copied the bench turned back and rushed towards you Jun. within a millisecond, you Jun flashed sideways. His left hand took the other party's hand and pulled it down. His right hand fist immediately became strong and hit the man's throat. Then he flew up and kicked his opponent a few meters away. The fat man panicked and pulled out the knife on the table, "bang". Before he could see it clearly, the iron fist had hit his face. His knife waved twice in the air and kicked again.

Just then, a figure flashed beside the crowd‘ Bang ', Youjun punched the man who had just pulled out the knife on his temple, and the man fell down without saying a word; The man who copied the bench turned back and rushed towards you Jun. within a millisecond, you Jun flashed sideways. His left hand took the other party's hand and pulled it down. His right hand fist immediately became strong and hit the man's throat. Then he flew up and kicked his opponent a few meters away. The fat man panicked and pulled out the knife on the table, "bang". Before he could see clearly, the iron fist had hit his face. His knife waved twice in the air, and another kick hit his lower abdomen. The fat man collapsed to the ground. "Get out of here!" you Jun roared

From small to large, you Jun's fist fight has never been less in order to protect his brother from being bullied by outsiders. He is not a troublemaker, but he can't watch his friends being bullied. He doesn't understand why the Chinese bully the Chinese? Why is there a society with a black name? At this moment, he stood up and didn't want to shrink back. From that day on, he had the nickname "madman" and dared to fight against evil forces so blatantly. Who could do it except crazy? Friends secretly worried that they would retaliate against him. At the same time, they did cheer for the fierce man in their hearts.

It is expected to retaliate for offending powerful associations. Although everyone will worry, everyone knows that as long as you look at someone else's face once, others can step on you under their feet all their life. Struggling to survive, we need to twist into a rope and unite with the outside world. Now that the fight has started this time, the best way is to go shopping once. Maybe you can play a whole day from now on. Mainland compatriots from all walks of life did not expect that they would have to beg for food on the edge of the knife when they arrived at the other side of the Strait through all kinds of hardships! In the next two days, the people in the store were contacting friends who could help. There were obviously more people in and out of the store.

The monsoon blew as scheduled. One evening three days after the dispute, it rained cats and dogs, and there was no one over the street. "Come out, everyone! Come here!" shouted the wind at the door. Seventeen or eight people in the store immediately copied their prepared weapons -- kitchen knives, board saws, steel pipes, axes, all kinds of things and tap shoes , rushed out of the store door and stood waiting in the rainstorm; The remaining one in the store kept calling people and calling the police. Across the street, there were dozens of people carrying watermelon knives. The two men stood not far apart in the rain and stopped to look at each other. The number of the other party is obviously dominant, the clothes are uniform, and the regular army is obvious; The miscellaneous soldiers in the wing are tall, short, fat and thin, with different clothes and weapons, but each has an uncontrollable anger in his heart... A person in the middle of the other party's row shouted "kill", and the two gang fought together

Su Youjun rushed into the enemy array with an axe and knocked down two along the way. He also cut a few lines to the blade. He knew this truth. He recognized the one who sent the signal early in the morning and ran towards him. The opponent's knife couldn't resist the power of his axe. After two or three rounds, the opponent ran away, and he kept chasing after him. The opponent ran into the alley from the street, and Youjun followed closely. At a corner of the alley, the one in front just passed. When Youjun passed through the highway, a silver light flashed in the oblique thorn. A sharpened water pipe was inserted obliquely into Youjun's body from his abdomen, "caught in an ambush", and Youjun fell to the ground with an "ah". Two strangers, driven by their respective goals and interests, are now connected together through a cold iron pipe. At the other end of the pipe, there is hot blood. Then another iron pipe pierced into his body

Youjun spits blood at his mouth and twitches all over. The sharp pain makes him lose his ability to resist. The last picture that flashed in his mind was his mother's loving face and the two pairs of white sneakers he promised to give to his family... This day was the 75th day after Youjun arrived in Hong Kong. His young dream was so ruthlessly crushed, and the wind and rain were crying for him

A month later, the dignified master he knocked on Fang Yiyun's door with a bag in his hand... After the master left, Fang Yiyun held the bag and lay on Youjun's bed. The sharp pain in her chest made her no longer have the strength to maintain her sitting position, and the familiar smell still lingered in the air. Open the bag and cheap dance shoes . Inside is the son's urn and an envelope. Trembling, she opened the envelope. Inside were five Hong Kong dollars of one thousand yuan. In the depths of the envelope were the protective jade she gave her son before she left. Fang Yiyun convulsed and wanted to cry without tears

---Chapter three: Crazy mang Bilu---

Xinghua lane is a long and narrow lane from north to south. The architectural styles on both sides of the lane are different from old to new. At the south exit, it is connected with a horizontal commercial street; The north exit of the lane is facing Jiuyuan palace, a Buddhist temple. The pavement made of thousands of smooth hemp stone slabs has witnessed the long history of the alley. This is a forgotten corner in the transformation of the old city. No one knows why this commercially valuable land has been neglected so far. But it is certain that the old neighbors who were born and raised in Si do not want to change. Because there, they can find a feeling called familiarity and an environment called harmony and dance shoes.

No. 27, Xinghua lane, is two small bungalows side by side, where Fang Yiyun and Su Youhua live respectively. As can be seen from the Grand View of the house, it is divided into two equal parts by a house. This is an ordinary family in the vast crowd, but it is also a popular family in the alley, because this family is crazy.

The biggest advantage of living in an alley is that there is a small open space in front of each household. A little elegant, you can plant flowers and grass there, or build a stone table and chat about the wind and moon. In front of the two doors of No. 27, the furnishings have their own characteristics, which is very different. In front of Fang Yiyun's door, he built a simple shed with bamboo and plastic cloth. Under it were stacked several stacks of high old newspapers and several large bags of waste plastic bottles. At the outside of the shed, there was a folded old sofa bed. In front of Su Youhua's door, there are no other superfluous furnishings except a large stone lying horizontally near the road. What's special is that the wooden windows of the house are so rotten that they are about to fall off, and no glass on them is complete; The wooden door has also decayed. Except that it can be opened and closed, there are cracks on the door; The outer wall of the house was blackened by smoke. Looking through the window, it was also dark inside.

In the past 30 years, on the stone in front of gate 27, a man with sloppy clothes and cheap dance shoes , bare feet and thick beard sat most of the time. Life passed quickly, and few cared how many years he had been sitting there. The old street people only remember that when he sent the educated youth to the countryside, he was already crazy. A man in his prime of life just sat there, from strong to thin, from black to gray, and from flat to concave. Some of his peers are now grandparents. He is a bystander in this alley, watching people come and go every day; He is the patron saint in front of gate 27. With him, no one will stay in front of this gate for long; Of course, for those who are not familiar with him, he is also a God - just a god of plague and stay away. He is Su Youhua.

All this has to start at the end of 1977. That year, Su Youhua, who graduated from middle school, was assigned to a place called Xiangyang village 100 kilometers away from the city according to the ownership of his mother's unit. Youhua was accompanied by her mother on her first trip. Xiangyang village is located at the foot of Shuangliu mountain. On the hillside is Chaoyang village, which is a beautiful paradise. In those two years of educated youth career, Youhua went home twice. The first time he came home was in the spring after he went to the countryside for more than a year. That time, after his son took a bath, the mother found a tiger on the junction of his left arm and shoulder. On closer inspection, there are several scars under the mottled tiger pattern. Under the questioning of Fang Yiyun, he learned that his son rolled down from the upper bunk of the bunk bed in his sleep a few months ago and broke the joint of his left arm. In order to cover the scar after the operation, let a person who knows how to draw and tattoo the pattern; It's just that those who draw well may not understand tattoos, so there are so many tiger cats on their arms. Fang Yiyun touched the scars and hurt his son. It hurt his mother. The second son was sent back. It was the autumn of 1979, accompanied by several strong in the village. Fang Yiyun was told that after the autumn harvest, Youhua suddenly went crazy for no reason. He laughed and became confused. After urgent discussion, the team decided to send him home for treatment. Fang Yiyun was speechless. All she could think of was the sentence approved by Mr. destiny that year - "everything is fixed, but it can't be violated". She finally understood that this was the will of heaven!

In the first few years after he was sent back, Su Youhua was quite crazy. His crazy state was really worrying. Mothers did not dare to neglect at all during that time. The results of the examination in the hospital also made Fang Yiyun feel ambiguous. Some hospitals said it was caused by brain trauma, and some said it was primary psychosis. After consulting almost all relevant medical institutions without obvious results, Fang Yiyun began to plan for the future. As a mother, it is natural to want to cure her son, but she has taken a lot of medicine and has not improved; The last way is to send them to a mental hospital for in-depth treatment. But everyone is afraid. If people send them there, even if they cure their madness, I'm afraid they will be crazy when they come out under the action of powerful drugs and cheap ballroom dance shoes  . Fang Yiyun chose to be conservative. If this is his life, she would rather leave her son around and take care of him all her life. She really can't stand the pain of losing her son twice in three years.

In the days to come, Fang Yiyun changed the structure of the house into two single rooms with a private space, which may be of slight benefit to the treatment of his son's disease.

Su Youhua is a lovely madman most of the time. He neither harasses passers-by nor accepts handouts from outsiders. When it was time for dinner and ccheap tap shoes , he would consciously go to his mother's door and knock. Every time he got enough money for dinner and wine, he would leave automatically. He never walked into his mother's house. His daily consumption is two boxes of lunch, a bottle of inferior white stem and a pack of cheap cigarettes. Occasionally, his mother didn't spare money. If she gave him more, he was unambiguous. Chicken legs would be added to the lunch box, white stems would be replaced with brandy, and cigarettes would be replaced with Chinese. Fang Yiyun also formed a habit. There must be change in his pocket. Don't be too stupid if his son is crazy. Youhua doesn't need any form of compassion except that familiar neighbors occasionally pass him cigarettes and receive them. Many people say to his face that he is not crazy and pretend to be crazy, but he doesn't care. He often just smiles and doesn't speak. He has been sitting in his territory for 30 years. No one knows what he is waiting for, watching or laughing every day?

A madman is a madman after all. When his madness is revealed, it is always so incredible. No matter in winter or summer, when there is lightning and thunder and heavy rain, there is always a shocking scene in the alley - a barefoot madman, shouting wildly in the 100 meter long lane, raising his head, running from one end of the lane to the other, turning back, slipping, standing up and continuing until he is exhausted and falls in the rain. That roar from the bottom of my heart, tore my heart and lungs, frightening every passer-by who took shelter from the rain.

The most worrying time for Fang Yiyun occurred in the autumn of 1988. Living next door, she heard the sound of hammering in Youhua's house in the middle of the night for several days. The night when the sound finally stopped, Fang Yiyun was choked up by the thick smoke in his sleep. When she hurried out of the house, she found that there was a fire in Youhua's house next door, "bang bang bang", and the glass windows burst under the heat. She kicked several times before she opened Youhua's door. The wooden chairs and cabinets stacked in one corner of the room have been burned half. The ground in the middle of the room is deeply concave. There are two small pools filled with water, and Youhua faints naked beside the pool

This is not a common state. Fang Yiyun knows that there are traces of Youhua's madness in the past; This time, it is self mutilation. After the disaster, Fang Yiyun once again walked into the scene of the incident. There was a burning smell everywhere, and everything that could be burned was burned; Two pools with a diameter of about one meter, each 20 or 30 cm deep. She felt extremely uneasy.

After many twists and turns, Fang Yiyun met a dragon chant master who claimed to be the descendant of the 20th generation of Maoshan art. After the master arranged the array in Youhua's room, Fang Yiyun asked Youhua to kneel in front of the table. The master chanted: "heaven garden is a place with nine chapters of laws and regulations. Now I write, thousands of ghosts lie in Tibet, and haste is like laws and regulations". I step vigorously, walk with my left hand, draw on a yellow talisman with my right hand, and then paste it on Youhua's forehead. Half a column of incense did not arrive, the master suddenly jumped back, his face turned blue, and bean sized beads of sweat kept emitting on his head; Youhua tore off the talisman with one hand, stood up and gave a strange laugh... Expelling demons and demons, unexpectedly, it would be eaten back by the evil spirit, and the ceremony had no choice but to end halfway.

"Sister-in-law, I'm really ashamed of my poor skills. I hope you can be better at exorcising demons." the master put down his airs and had to speak out.

"Master, is my son really haunted by fierce ghosts?" Fang Yiyun asked.

"Yes, and there's more than one. Two female ghosts are involved." the master wiped the sweat on his face. "I can deal with one. I can't cope with two."

"Master, when and how did he get entangled? Please don't hesitate to give advice." Fang Yiyun stuffed a red bag into the master's hand. She must ask clearly today.

"As you can see, he should have peed on the edge of two ponds in the countryside. The female ghost was attached to him at that time. It was about eight to ten years ago. It's normal for women to compete and drink vinegar, and the female ghost is also a truth." the master said, packed up his equipment and left. At the foot of Shuangliu mountain, at the mouth of Xiangyang Village, there are indeed two large ponds, which Fang Yiyun vaguely remembers.

In the following days, Fang Yiyun filled up the pool in Youhua's house. While searching for experts for treatment, the family returned to their original life. Just after this period of tossing, Fang Yiyun looks obviously older. In her early fifties, she has white hair and the wrinkles on her forehead look like carved by a knife. Xiang was born from the heart, and the helpless fatigue spread all over her body; Even if thousands of people didn't want to, she still had to admit that she had no hope of treating her friend Hua's disease. In the north of the alley, incense is in full bloom. It is a road leading to pilgrimage. Fang Yiyun only hopes that the Buddha can manifest his spirit as soon as possible and redeem the lost soul.

---Chapter 4: Crazy calm and calm waves---

Fang Yiyun has been working in a state-owned carton and cheap tap dance shoes factory, which actually includes all small commodity packaging - paper or plastic film. Before the reform and opening up, this type of small processing plant could barely maintain the iron rice bowl of dozens of employees. With the rise of collectivism and private enterprises and the prevalence of automatic assembly lines, this old-fashioned processing mode has become more and more inappropriate. Finally, in 1990, the processing plant with a history of decades was setting up the last one

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