Dance Competition

Dance Competition

This summer vacation is different from the past, he is more colorful than before, because I participated in the rehearsal of the school dance team.
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There was a dance competition in September. Due to some reasons, last semester was short and tense, so the dance teacher arranged the rehearsal of the dance team in the summer vacation. I'm very excited. I get up early every day and set out. The winding bridge, the red sun, the pace of not knowing each other, and the happy me are full of expectations for everything. Because I like dancing, and I can meet my friends every day during the summer vacation. If you go early, you can chat with your friends, share snacks and gossip. There's a modern ballet competition, and I love the Jazz competition
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At the beginning, the rehearsal was quite easy, but it was only on August 19th that I realized the hardships of dancing. Every morning, the sun mercilessly bakes the dance classroom like a stove. Three large air conditioners are on or off, and the milk under the air conditioner is covered with heat. When rehearsing, they are sweating and their throats are smoking. They drink up a glass of water in one breath. When we have a rest, we will look for water everywhere; quietly go to the water dispenser, there is no water; and run to the toilet to have a look, there is no running water, despair! So the teacher found some snacks and milk for us. The snacks were dry and the milk was hot. Although we were very hungry, no one ate them. They all put them in the pile. Thirsty, tired, hungry and tired invaded our bodies and dragged us down. It seemed that we would be dragged to the ground

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But none of us gave up. During the rehearsal, the dance teacher was very strict with us. Every movement and expression must be clean and good-looking. Between every two movements, the mood can not be broken. The most important thing is that the partners must cooperate in place. It's very difficult to do that. We all work hard. Because as long as one person can't jump well, the whole team will have to jump again, and all the people will have to practice with him, over and over again Whenever exhausted, there will be words of encouragement from friends: "come on, as long as you can't jump to death, jump to death!"

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On the dance stage, I wore my favorite tap dance shoes, entered the dance scene and finished a perfect dance song! My friend Amy took part in the ballroom dance competition, wearing the ballroom dance shoes that I gave her, the perfect curtain call! Ravi, the best in our class, danced the ballet. She wore beautiful ballet dance shoes and danced the swan dance. At the end of the song, the applause was like thunder!

I like dancing, like our dance team, like everyone sweating together, the feeling of hard work, tired and happy!

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