Dance competition talking-Dear students and teachers

Dance competition talking-Dear students and teachers

Today, all the teachers and students of our tutoring area gather here to hold a group dance competition on campus. It will be a demonstration of the unity and healthy progress of all the schools, as well as a review of their youth. Here, on behalf of the coaching District, I wish the competition a complete success and express my heartfelt thanks to the teachers, students and related staff who have worked hard in the preparation of the competition!

Campus group dance is full of youthful vitality, full of the atmosphere of the times, is the full embodiment of children's vitality. I hope that the students will carry forward the spirit of perseverance, unity and striving, and reflect the youth style of our children with neat steps, grand slogans, standardized actions and sassous heroic posture; and pursue a higher, faster and stronger Olympic spirit with inspiring spirit, full of enthusiasm, high morale and excellent achievements. We should regard this competition as a grand gathering of unity and struggle. We should show the excellent style, the best level and the best image in the competition. I believe that your hard work will not be in vain, your sweat will not be in vain, all your hard work will usher in excellent results. Our judges will certainly give you a fair and just judgment.

This campus dance competition provides us with a platform to show our vitality and fitness. We hope that the students, in line with the sports purpose of "friendship first, fair competition", will be in harmony, unite as one, compete in style, level and image. At the same time, we also hope that all schools will take this opportunity to carry forward the spirit of sports, strengthen physical exercise, enhance physique and enjoy body and mind, Welcome Christmas with a positive spirit!

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