Dance dream

Dance dream

My life is like a dream that doesn't belong to me, because it's a dance dream. Life is like a dream and the moon is like a hook. It reminds me of my dreams and dance dreams.

I walk in the long river of history with bare feet, quietly feeling the waves of the long river of history, thinking about my dreams, dance dreams

"Practice hard and become an excellent dancer..." Reverberate in my dream, never stop, never disappear, whenever I row the boat of dream, in the dream sea, looking for, looking for "Dance" is my answer. In my sleep, there are always times when I open my mouth. It's a beautiful dream - performing on the stage, getting applause, winning the first place in the competition. In my sleep, there are always times when I sob. It's a nightmare - I failed in my performance, crying on the dance stage But in the end, this dance nightmare will disappear in dreams with the pace of history and be recorded in the annals of history. Dance dreams rewrite the past and write the future again and again Written in a dance dream. There is no dream in the world that can not be separated. There is a dream remembered in the dance dream. It is the dream of a dancer who is staying abroad. Some guests perform in foreign countries, but they carry dance shoes with them. Some people shout long live dance dream before the live broadcast of the competition. Some people say in an interview with a foreign reporter, "I am a dancer. We all have a dream. Her name is dance dream!" Although people live in a foreign country, they have the same dream after all, that is, dance dream, a dream of dance, a belief, a memory, a struggle, everywhere is full of the taste of dance dream. Even in foreign countries, we can still hum the melody of dance, cherish the dance, remember the dance dream, and strive to create a better future.

My dream, my dance dream, is a harmonious paradise full of love. Every life has the power and ability to love and be loved. Everyone is within a warm distance from each other, and everyone has a dream that can be realized. Living in the new century, we should have enough reasons to believe that we have beautiful dreams and enough confidence to build a grand blueprint. Because, we are the former March of dancers in the future. I believe that for her, you and I are always full of courage and strength. In the face of the unknown and difficulties, you and I can take it easy, deal with it freely, and let our dreams burn with passion.

My dream, my dance dream, is a morning full of sunrise. Everyone is striving for the same goal It's no longer a problem for us to dream about dance, but not for us to think about it Worry about Every dancer is working for the environment, for diplomacy, for With our youth to do this dream together what often can not.

Under the blue sky, every dream is a flower, a living life. What I need to do is to interpret the life existence of this ordinary and extraordinary flower with my own blooming, send out pleasant fragrance, and realize my self-worth and collective significance. My dance dream, flowing in the blood of galloping, is free to love and bloom. We can't interpret the dance dream, but we can face our dream squarely and change it for the dance dream. No matter how we change our dream, it is the grand blueprint of building the Chinese dream.

There is a magical thing, we can not do without her, she will not abandon us, she is the dance dream. No matter you are a student, a worker, or a street bum, everyone is the same. In front of this most grand dream, we all have our own responsibilities. Looking back on the glorious historical journey. The tearful history of that page is even more admirable, raising one's hand to salute, shouting out one's own dance dream.

I have a dream, everyone has a dream, that is dance dream, the tide rises and falls, flowers bloom and wither, but our dance dream has never slept with history, never flowed far away with the long river of history, never been recorded in history books, because he is always around us, always accompany us.

We dancers have the same mother, that is dance. No matter where we live, we all have the same dream, that is dance dream.

We did not give up, we are working hard, we dance dream to disperse youth, why not, in short, for my dream, dance dream, worth it.

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