Dance dream and my dance home

Dance dream and my dance home

Dream is the sail, the sail hanging on the ideal ship; dream is the ship, the ship driving us to the future; dream is the wind, the wind blowing the ship wandering in the future. Everyone has struggled for the ideal in his heart.

So, what's my dream?

When I was 4 years old, I walked into the spacious and bright dance room and looked at me dancing in front of the mirror. A seed floating from afar deeply rooted in my young heart - when I grow up, I want to be a dancer! I practice hard, just for my own style in the future, but I can't bear the pain of practice. Every night, the cold light reflects my small and lonely figure. I gave up.

My dance dream begins in the dance room and ends in the dance room. When a bunch of warm sunshine in winter re exposed this dusty memory, there was an unspeakable taste in my heart. I picked up my dance dream again, but it didn't come from the former dance room, it came from reading.

Inadvertently from my small bookcase turned out a book, is going to kill time, but open the first page, my eyes do not intend to go elsewhere. A picture came to my eyes: there was a dancer on the stage, wearing a crimson dress, a veil, and a pair of silver shoes. She was dancing  to the beat. Her every action is so natural, like a white lotus floating on the water. See this, I can no longer restrain their mood, put on the once dance clothes, release a dance music, I dance. At this time I no longer for it and pain, but to it for fun, enjoy. After a song, I found the feeling I used to feel: I stood alone on the dazzling stage, colorful lights down, people cheering for me. Close the book, I went into his room, open the bookcase, turned out a few books about dance, sat in front of the desk, savor. Here, there are elegant waltz, rhythmic tango and passionate samba. Dance, it has brought me pain, tasteless, but now, it gives me enjoyment and fun. Every time I turn a page, I firmly believe that I want to be a dancer!

It's reading that makes me know dance again and strengthen my faith in my heart. It is it that makes me turn that dusty pain into present enjoyment and makes my dream from nihility to firmness.

I love dancing and reading more. My dance dream comes from reading. Later, I had a dance group. The dance group is another home for me. There are my beloved family members, including graceful dancing "Swan", noble dancing "Peacock" and graceful dancing "lark". Don't believe it? Let me show you!

The Bonny Swans

When it comes to swans, we all know that they dance beautifully. And the swan of my dance group is "Lin Yu", because her dancing posture is particularly beautiful, and she is also favored by the teacher, becoming the "C position" of our dance group. Every time we see her dancing gracefully, with a moving look and taking such light and fast steps, we will be fascinated. Because of her talent and diligence, she became our main dancer successfully.

Noble Peacock

Speaking of peacock, only noble can describe it! Our dance group also has a peacock, she is "Huang Qing". She was born with noble temperament. She was tall and slim with white skin. She walked with her head high and chest straight. She had a special temperament. Let alone dancing. As long as she dances, she looks like a noble peacock showing us her dancing posture. Everyone is attracted by her "noble" temperament.

Beautiful lark

In fact, this lark is beautiful. Although the lark is famous for its good voice, the world does not know that its dancing posture is also very beautiful. I'm just learning dance, but I work hard. I come to the dance room every morning to practice in the mirror. In the morning, the sun shines on my face through the window. Every drop of sweat represents my efforts. In the end, my hard work was not in vain. In a recent performance, I was praised by my teacher for my graceful dancing.

Look, this is my dance family. Each of them has its own advantages. We have formed this happy family because we love dance.

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