Dance elves

Dance elves

She grew up with me. We are close friends. She is one year older than me. She has started to learn dance when she is four. Now she has learned ballet dance, national dance, Chinese dance, jazz dance, tap dance, modern dance, ballroom dance and other dances, among which ballet dance is the best.

She danced very well. Once she went to the school to compete, she came to the dance stage and the light hit her. She became the focus of the audience. She stood on tiptoe, and her arms were in an "L" shape, and her middle finger was slightly raised. Music began, she skillfully jumped up, she sometimes and happily on the stage, sometimes light up, in the air quickly turn a circle, and fell on the ground, sometimes open arms tiptoe on the stage. Finally, she closed her hands, rotated her feet, then split a straight word. The whole performance was perfect. The audience applauded her warmly, and finally she won the first prize. She has accumulated a lot of stage experience because she often participates in the performance.

Once, she performed in the art palace. In a difficult rotation, her shoelaces were scattered. She added a "one word" action without panic. Her teacher suddenly stared at her eyes and then the smiling man nodded. After that, I knew that she tied her shoelaces at the fastest speed when she did the "one word" movement and successfully completed the performance. Her wit is admirable.

Now she has passed the highest level of dance, level 13, and has also obtained many certificates. She is like a flying elf, flying on her own stage, she is the most beautiful dance elf in my eyes.

Dance has become a part of her life, every day, she gets up on time to practice dance, never fell!

On her birthday this year, I gave her two dance shoes, one tap dancing shoes, one pair of jazz dance shoes. She received the gift and jumped up happily and said, "you know me the best, know what I like most, and this is the best gift I receive. Thank you for understanding me and supporting me."

I thought silently in my heart: this life, I hope you can persist forever. Love dance to the end!

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