Dance life

Dance life

I learned folk dance when I was 8 years old. In dance school, girls are basically learning dance. They dance like a light and beautiful butterfly. As soon as I got to school, I couldn't wait for my mother to sign me up. Mom didn't say anything, just a meaningful smile, I don't know what mom means.

I'm officially learning dance. First of all, we need to practice basic skills. The teacher asked us to put one leg on a high cross bar and slide the other leg down until our face touched our calf. Like this, it takes about a minute. For those who have already come to practice dancing, it's nothing to insist on for one minute, and two minutes is more than enough. However, I just came here. I haven't practiced like this at all. One minute is like a long century. By the time I put my leg down, I was numb. When this leg is finished, put the other one on. I'm going to fork when I'm done with both legs. Two legs "a" shape to spread, back straight, can't have a bit of slack. Next, the teacher taught us to practice the "lower back" movement. At the beginning, I was very afraid and thought that I would kowtow! Although there is a cushion under it, it will hurt when I knock it down. I feel uneasy. However, I never thought that it would be so easy to get down and turn it over. The teacher asked me if I had learned dance before, and I shook my head. The teacher encouraged me to try to practice on the floor. I bravely stepped down from the mat and practiced on the floor, which turned out to be very good.

Since then, my basic skills under the guidance of the dance teacher, the more practice the better. Turn over, turn over, stand up, cross over, stretch, pull, press, drag, it's a piece of cake. However, no one knows how hard it is for me to come to the dance room early and practice, try, fall and get up again and again. Finally, I was able to perform on the stage of dance school.

Later, I learned what my mother meant by that meaningful "smile". That is to let me realize in the process of learning dance: no matter when, where, there will be setbacks; do anything can not be smooth all the way, only experienced setbacks can defeat setbacks, only fell down and then get up to success; and life is the only way to have fun.

I've learned that no matter what it is, it has its own art, which can give us some inspiration. So does dance.

After that, I learned tap dance, jazz dance, ballet, pole dance, modern dance, and all kinds of small dances, from which I realized the mystery of different dances. The more I learned, I felt more awe for dance and more like dance. I firmly believe that it will be my lifelong career!

Born from dancing, live from dancing! In the future, I will pay more hard work and efforts for dance, and show more beautiful dance to people!

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