Dance shoes of the future

Dance shoes of the future

Now it's 2040. I'm a designer. I've designed a kind of magic dance shoes. It's very functional and interesting.

It can change color, such as spring is green, summer is red, autumn is yellow, winter will become white, it can also according to the size of your feet bigger and smaller, can also cure beriberi, nails; if your feet acid, it will help you massage; if you have a few days did not wash your feet, others smell, it doesn't matter, you put it on, it will help you clean, smelly The smell is sent out, and the dance shoes have a faint fragrance. If you're late and you put it on, you say, "take off, get to school right away." In a few seconds. If a bad person catches you, don't worry. This pair of dance shoes can sense it. It can make you invisible instantly, and then take you out.

Do you think my dance shoes are amazing? I'm so happy and proud of my masterpiece.

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