Dancing mom

Dancing mom

My family has a characteristic, all like dancing. My mother also has this characteristic - loves dancing. Mom loves to keep up with the fashion, so she often practices dancing. She bought a lot of dance clothes. Every time she went out to practice dancing, she would try on her dancing clothes again and again, and only when she was satisfied would she go out to practice dancing.

Once, my family went to a banquet. My father and I have already finished wearing, but my mother is always trying the dance clothes for the party before putting on the wardrobe. As time went by, I urged: "Mom, uncle's wedding ceremony is coming!" Mother promised: "soon!" You don't come out of the door. I can't wait to enter the inner room, yo! Mother stood in front of the dresser, looking left and right. Mother saw me come in, quickly said to me: "dear, you show me, this set of party dance clothes fit?" I hope to leave early, so I look carefully: my mother's face is full of smile, a beautiful shawl long hair, elegant and natural. The coat is a long brown windbreaker, and the inside is set off by a golden sweater. It looks very elegant. So, I blurted out: "appropriate."

"Ah! Just right? I'll change it. " Mother quickly took off her clothes and found them in the wardrobe. I really regret it! Why don't we learn from Mr. Li's praise of "wonderful"?

"Come on, show me again." My mother asked me to appreciate the beauty for her again. I didn't dare disobey my mother's order, so I had to be patient. This time, my mother changed into a long blue dress, which was set off with yellow underwear, with bright color. It's very solemn and unique. It's like a senior intellectual. I praised: "elegant! Great "Really?" Mother said while walking to the mirror, the left hand raised the left skirt of the coat, to the waist fork, the right hand a swing, the body a twist, walk up the model step. She felt really satisfied, so she went out with us.

We went to the auditorium and heard the end of the party ceremony: "finally, I wish the bride and groom a long life together!" "My God! My uncle's wedding ceremony is over. " It's my mother's fault to miss the wedding ceremony because she loves beauty too much and her dance clothes too much

But we took part in uncle's wedding party. At the party, mom became the highlight of the party. She was good at Cha Cha dance, ballet dance,ballroom dance,jazz dance and tap dance. With music, mom swayed with the bride! The atmosphere of the wedding also reached the highest point!

After the party, we are very happy, many people like me to ask my mother where to learn the dance, how can dance so well, I am also very proud! Because I also like to dance, also dance very well, especially tap dance, put on tap dance shoes, with the melody of music, dance beautiful posture!

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