Dancing neighbors

Dancing neighbors

I live in the city. My neighbor is a very friendly person. He likes dancing very much. He walks every day with his favorite dance: Cha Cha dance, jazz dance, ballet, everyday lives in the world of dance. He wear tap dance shoes or jazz dance shoes every day.  Although we seldom meet in our daily life, I still appreciate him!

It was a sunny Friday afternoon. On my way home, when I thought that I would not have to go to school tomorrow, I was as happy as winning the lottery. When I thought about this, I could not help but quicken my pace.

After a while, in front of the house, I felt my pocket and found it empty. Gradually, a layer of cold sweat came out on my head. I thought: no! My key is missing. No, my mother told me last night. I put the key in my pocket, too. Wait a minute. It seems that I just changed my suit yesterday. It won't be that time

When I think of it, I feel soft all over. It's less than four o'clock, and my mother won't come back until at least five o'clock. I immediately sit on the ground.

After a while, I heard the sound of footwork. I was excited. Did my mother come back ahead of time? No, no, let's see. At first glance, it's my neighbor. He took the steps as a tap dance stage, wearing a pair of cheap tap dancing shoes, and stepped up the tap dance!

Seeing me like this, he asked anxiously, "what's the matter, kid? I forgot my key? Come and sit with my grandfather. Anyway, my grandfather is very lonely. Come on, boy! Listen to music and dance with me. This is my latest dance, a joyful tap dance, and he started to dance with his cheap tap dancing shoes. "After listening to it, I felt a warm current coming to my heart. I was about to agree, but I remembered what my mother said to me, don't trust strangers at will, but I thought again: this neighbor and my parents often chat together, it seems that they are not bad people. Forget it. Anyway, it's going to be a long time before mom comes. So I finally agreed to him.

That day, I stayed at that grandfather's house for a long time and danced with him. He taught me ballroom dance, tango, jazz dance and hippie dance. I did my homework and chatted with him for a while while while learning dance. It's six o'clock in the evening when my mother came back. I thank the grandfather for talking to my mother about it after he came home. My mother said with a smile that when we meet again next time, let me thank him well.

On that day, my neighbor, he passed the warmth to me. I believe this warmth can melt the strange ice between people. I want to pass the warmth to more people like him.And I also remerber his cheap dancing shoes with music!

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