Dancing spirit

Dancing spirit

"There are a group of little dragonflies on the flowers and grass. They are lively and smart, naughty and smart. There are a group of little dragonflies on the flowers and grass. I like their big eyes best You heard me right. We're humming the dance version of the Smurfs. It's about my friend EVA, who dances like a dancing elf.

In the morning, the autumn sun gently sprinkles on the earth. My sister and I are enjoying the colorful flowers in front of our old house. Just when we are intoxicated, a shadow passes by. She stops and starts to tap dance in her tap dance shoes. There is no music, but the rhythm and dance are beautiful. All of a sudden, our eyes turn from the flowers to her dance, just like the grass It's her stage.

We looked closely and it turned out to be our friend EVA. Her eyes are big, her body is wearing blue and black, with two pairs of transparent wings of dance clothes, very beautiful! Sometimes she dances around, sometimes she almost hovers in the air, as if to show off her superb dancing skills; occasionally she stops on the grass, is she tired of dancing? I stretched out my hand to touch its wings, but before it got close, it skilfully jumped away. Oh, I remember. She didn't let anyone get close to her when she was dancing. No wonder I couldn't get close at all.

My sister and I took the mobile phone and crept to the past, trying to take a picture of its graceful and moving posture. Came to a cluster of chrysanthemums, sister exclaimed, "Wow! Look, she's Ballroom Dance! " Sure enough, she is dancing ballroom dance.

We appreciate her dance carefully. Sometimes she stays among the flowers and plants and seems to be greedy for the beautiful scenery. Sometimes, with the sound of tap dance, the air is full of dance rhythm!

This dancing EVA is a lovely elf. Her dance is so beautiful that people can't extricate themselves!

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