Dear ones, I'm sorry!

Dear ones, I'm sorry!

Now I should be writing a work summary, but I'm sorry, I can't go on. There were three other old women in the bedroom, one on the train and the other two on the bus. At this time, I was sitting in the office. Noncommittal, the four of us are doing the same thing: Recalling these four years, red eyes and tears.

I am a person who likes BB, but not in words, but in writing. Countless times, because I couldn't sleep, I listened to the even breathing sound of the three people when they were asleep, and thought of using a method to record the three women, but they were put on hold for some trivial reasons, such as I had to revise my paper in the morning, I had to get up early to go to work, what's more, I wanted to watch videos, or my aunt didn't want to move when she came. In the past, I felt that broken nails were more important than three small ones. Now, I don't know how to clean up this mess. I can only be BB.

August 27, 2012: Songyuan 1519, empty room, cold wood

As the first one to go to the bedroom, I was looking forward to living with roommates in the next four years. "Hello, my name is Cao Yu, Cao Cao's Cao, rainy rain." A sweet girl in a water red dress told me so. I'm sorry, forgive my reflection arc enough to circle the Earth twice. I just said my name hastily. Later, I learned that you didn't know the word. Short hair, satchel, T-shirt, jeans, practice has proved that my guess is correct. If the three of us have different degrees of procrastination, then this Virgo must be the most acute. You can't imagine how easy it is for this woman to turn to the goddess. The first thing she said to me was, "don't you want to go to school this afternoon? Let's go together." I saw her as happy as a child and told me that someone had brought him a gift. I also saw her as stupid as a pig to do the last detainment. Later, I saw her cry uncontrollably. The last one must be the finale. Yes, I was completely amazed by this late roommate. Father, mother, brother, brother, aunt and grandma can't remember clearly. At that time, I thought there were a lot of people in my bedroom. The woman in a green dress really scared me, whether it was her luggage or her "seeing off" posture. In the next four years, she mercilessly destroyed my bed and became a brother sleeping in my upper bunk. Oh, no, she was a mother.

Thanks to the one who has the habit of cleanliness and the other who has the disease of tidiness, the preservation of our dormitories is still complete. At least every health inspection, we can say that there is no big change before and after the inspection. In the past four years, like a family, we have had discord and disagreements, but in the end we are still melting all the unhappiness together. Warm the cold room and make it feel at home.

June2016: once we belonged to 1519, now we go our separate ways

Fuyang, Bozhou, Tongling. From different cities, but all belong to Anhui. The four of us are complacent. On a large scale, we are all "fellow townsmen". However, some differences can not stop the determination of northerners to bully southerners. I still remember the countless times when we couldn't sleep, three northerners began to "bully" you in the south. But do you remember who was punished that time? Who's calling? Who was forced to pretend? Who can only hold the quilt as a complaining wife? Four years ago, we came to anda from Tongling, Fuyang, Bozhou, Yuanyang building, Songyuan 1519; Four years later, we will go to Xi'an, Beijing, Hefei and so and so; We all know we will meet again, but we don't know the time limit. I don't like giving people away. I'm even more afraid of being given away. I didn't give you away this time. Then allow me to counselle again! You will come back after a summer vacation. You haven't left yet. I promise I'll pick you up next time I see you.

We are not the most in tune, either in character or in living habits. I can't eat spicy food. Fortunately, you always indulge me to order mandarin duck pot; When I was a freshman and sophomore, I wanted to write articles. I often stayed up late. Fortunately, you tolerated me. Fortunately, the king who likes to go to bed early was not crazy; Zhang Banxian often "my card", but fortunately, the three of us would often urge her; The king often eats without limit. Fortunately, the three of us will help eliminate food; Once I thought that nothing edible could be left in the bedroom, because even tetramine, I once thought that the hungry king would be willing to be the little white mouse; Sister Cao likes to eat and sleep. Fortunately, we often take her out for a walk;

In the past four years, we have not become the best. Some people are still pessimistic about things. Some people are still easy to be stupid. Some people still like to drink chicken soup with their hearts. Some people are still in a mess. They are free of imagination. They swear that they will become better if they find a boyfriend. (forgive me for my desertion. Now I ask "where is my card" and will I ask "where is my boyfriend" in the future.)

There is always one who is the slowest when eating; There is always a late one to sleep; There is always one who occupies the pit when going to the toilet; There is always an ink stain when you go out; There is always one who doesn't want to go to class; We have all experienced happiness, anger, sorrow and joy. Pray like a mantra every day that sister Cao will find the money, so we can go to the Xu family restaurant to eat well; Too lazy to walk, he began to climb the gate of hegongda. Fortunately, you didn't run away when you made a fool of yourself; It's awful to sing in KTV, but you have to bear it for me; In 2015, the year we are most reluctant to look back, some of us experienced the most reluctant thing, and brushed three outlooks. We are not warm hearted masters, nor are we the most comforting masters. So we didn't know what to say. We just sat around and reduced the number of times you stayed alone in the bedroom. Even when you were fetching water, we secretly poured out the water in the water bottle and pretended to go down together. We invented the dorm carnival, and then made Paramecium on the bed; We share our own secrets by taking big risks from our hearts; We tell our grievances through ridicule; Gradually, we don't hide our emotions. We cry whenever we want, make trouble whenever we want, and ignore when we don't talk. Next time, I will rub my skin against you, and then I will recover under your eyes.

Four years is a long time. We have gradually developed a small group.

Know each other, witness each other's youngest appearance, and accompany each other through the most unbearable years.

Four years is short.

Our graduation photos of four people are still postponed;

Graduation trip has not been planned;

We didn't watch thriller movies together.

I can't wait for your best moment, and I will be absent. I'm sorry, I only bought the right to get off at this station for your journey.

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